Invite your friends to EasySocial with ParaInvite

Invite your friends to EasySocial with ParaInvite

parainvite-easysocial-integration-joomla.pngNow you've cranked the social engine in your Joomla site with EasySocial and next it's time to grow your community. The best way to do it is to invite each of your friends via email. The issue comes when you have hundreds of friends and they are spread across all your other email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo! Email, Hotmail, etc) ? You might also want to invite your friends from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc but how do you invite everyone of them to your new community?

ParaInvite is already built for the job in helping you grow your community without losing your hair. This integration was recently done by Mike of SIMBunch who has been a great person to work with. We couldn't thank Mike enough for this wonderful 'marriage'.

With ParaInvite, your email invites are customizable where you can put your own words and do a short sell out to explain why they should join your community. Convince them in the email but remember to keep it short and sweet.

If you start to notice the crowd is slowly trickling in, maybe it is time to send them a reminder email to ask them to join your community, which is easily possible with ParaInvite.

The other powerful feature is the statistics of your invites. You can track total invites sent, accepted invites and more. In EasySocial, you will receive live notifications of new members who joined as a result of your invites sent from ParaInvite.

All these actions by ParaInvite will be shown in EasySocial's activity stream so everyone in the community will know who just joined, and more. 


Jazz up your EasySocial profile with ProfileURL

Like Facebook, you can also set a customized URL of your EasySocial profile with SIMBunch's ProfileURL plugin. Integrating with EasySocial, you can either choose your preferred URL or let it auto suggest for you. The integration with EasySocial is 2-way, meaning if you have the "permalink" field in EasySocial, changes to that field will be managed by and reflected in ProfileURL.



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  1. Sophia

I have three accounts, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail all of which I use regularly and fairly interchangeably, this could be really useful, thanks!

  1. Test Devloper

How to change default "Invite Friends" button link to Parainvite canvas app ?

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