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Introducing EasySocial 1.4 Stable!

Introducing EasySocial 1.4 Stable!

After much hard work, the entire team has successfully put together the release of EasySocial 1.4. EasySocial 1.4 is one of the finest and the most anticipated Joomla extension release ever based on the feedbacks that we have gathered from our beta releases earlier. In case some of you are unaware of the cool and new features included in EasySocial 1.4, here's a brief recap of the new functionality in EasySocial 1.4:


For All You Video Lovers Out There

In EasySocial 1.4, we have added one of the most awaited feature of all time which is the ability to upload and share your most memorable video moments. With the awesome built-in videos in EasySocial 1.4, your social community users can now upload and share video links from reputable video providers such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and a couple of others.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, with the built-in videos, users can also upload and share videos in group, events and on other user's profile as well. Besides that, EasySocial 1.4 also comes with a built-in migrator for those of you who have been waiting to migrate your videos from JomSocial to EasySocial =P


Polls And Opinions Do Matter

Opinions are subjective, and with the built-in polling system in EasySocial 1.4, your community users can now harness the power of crowdsourcing by requesting for feedbacks via the polls system. The built-in polls work on the user's dashboard, groups as well as the events section. It also comes with the possibility of voting with multiple choices as well! How do you like that?


The All New Elegant Theme

We have also decided to patch up on EasySocial 1.4 cosmetic layout. The name by itself is pretty self-explanatory, the new and amazing Elegant theme which is a revolution for us to simplify and enhance the existing toolbar within EasySocial. The all new elegant theme also works out of the box with most major Joomla template clubs out there too!


Favorite Albums For The Win

Need some attention from your followers, fans or perhaps your secret crush? By favoriting their albums could do the trick. Users can now favorite another friend's album and this would also appear on the user's profile page. Show 'em some love! ;)


Selfie Moments

b2ap3_thumbnail_take-photo-directly.png Allow us to lessen your hassle, your community members can now take a beautiful selfie, candid shot or for the brave of hearts, a no-filter photo of themselves directly without needing to upload a profile picture. Pretty nifty eh? 


Rich Media In Comments

EasySocial 1.4 has spiced up its comment with a creative twist. It is essential to have fun and get creative while interacting with one another. Users could insert trendy viral meme image files or pick any Smiley when posting comments. These will enhance the overall comment conversations among users. 


Profile Types Enhancements

b2ap3_thumbnail_Admin-can-set-default-apps-for-user-backend.pngIn the initial releases, we did not foresee the need of default applications on Profile Types, but after hearing out suggestions and feedbacks from you guys, our team brainstormed and decided to make it happen in EasySocial 1.4. EasySocial 1.4 allows site administrators to be able to define a list of default apps for profile types.


Reminders, Reminders, Reminders!

Too busy to constantly checking for upcoming events? Being human, there are days where you couldn't help it but letting important events slipped your mind. With EasySocial 1.4 built-in event reminders, attendees will automatically be reminded when an event is near. RSVP now and don't get left out!


Simple Vanity Profile URLs

EasySocial 1.4 profile link can now be shortened and simplified. Site users can now share their friend's profile or any social media sites without having to worry about character limits. On top of that, it's also easier to remember. Simplicity is the way to go! 


Search Filters

b2ap3_thumbnail_Categorized-searches1.pngEasySocial 1.4 has one very neat and cool feature in Search. Users are now able refine their search filters easily. Just add a specific filter type for People, Blogs, Album, Videos and etc. The search system would automagically narrow down your search results based on what you really wanted to search for.


On Demand Translations

This is a pretty late minute feature and thanks to James Helm for suggesting this and also contributed part of his codes. With EasySocial 1.4, your site users can now translate on demand utilizing Bing's API for translations. It's a pretty cool feature where it could assist your users to translate contents using the Bing API.



Moderation Tools

b2ap3_thumbnail_admin-can-moderate-user-accounts_.pngDo you dislike spammers and fake user accounts? Have some of the community users breached the rules and regulations adhere to your site? No worries! With EasySocial 1.4, the administrators can now moderate and view profiles on the site without having to access the administration area.

Time to do some spring cleaning! 


Interface Refinements

EasySocial 1.4 font library has been updated to use Font Awesome. Dialogs are now standardized to look similar to the rest of our extensions. In the spirit of unifying all of our awesome extensions, we have also standardized the UI for the backend of EasySocial 1.4 to look consistent with EasyBlog. It's just awesome.


Custom Fields

EasySocial 1.4 has a new amazing auto-completion field added in. This allows the administrator to assign an auto-complete field into existing profile types. With this custom field, you are now able to pre-set a list of values, and users would be suggested whenever they type in specific keywords on this field.


New Features, New Pricing, Continuous Outstanding Support!

It has been over 2 years since we initially introduced EasySocial to the public and the pricing hasn't changed since then. Development and support cost has since risen and to ensure that our awesome customers are still getting the same awesome support and cool features built in into EasySocial, we have decided to introduce several new plans and a small bump to the price of EasySocial which will allow us to maintain our awesome development progress and also our outstanding support! The new pricing of EasySocial which is still extremely affordable are laid out below:

6 Months Plans

EasySocial Starter - 1 site supported & 1 theme included ($99)

EasySocial Professional - 1 site supported & 4 themes included ($149)

EasySocial Unlimited - 5 sites supported & 4 themes included ($299)

12 Months Plans

EasySocial Starter- 1 site supported & 1 theme included ($169)

EasySocial Professional - 1 site supported & 4 themes included ($249)

EasySocial Unlimited - 5 sites supported & 4 themes included ($499)


For Our Early Adopters

Good news to our early adopters, since you are our loyal users and have subscribed to EasySocial during the birth of EasySocial, the updated pricing will not affect you. So keep calm and stay subscribed, we do not want you to miss out on this great deal! 


Now that you've grasped on the new updates mentioned earlier, we really appreciate your constant kind support. We hope you'll be well pleased with the new added functionality and modification made. Now, sit back and enjoy what EasySocial 1.4 has to offer and a coupon code made just for you! :)



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