HikaShop App for EasySocial

HikaShop App for EasySocial

We just recently released a new application for HikaShop integration with EasySocial. So what's great about this integration? It basically enables user to quickly create products from the story form. 

To top it off, this integration enables product listing to be rendered on user profile page; new orders or even new products created at HikaShop will generate new stream items on the activity stream too. 

You can get a copy of HikaShop app at $25 from our apps store. This app will only work with EasySocial 2.0.11 onwards with HikaShop plugin also installed on your Joomla as well. 

Below are some of the screenshots of this integration in EasySocial:


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  1. Paul Murray

Just WOW!

  1. Sylvie    Paul Murray

Thanks Paul

  1. HMED

Awesome! thank you guys !

do you have any partnership with Hika ? we need to purchase hikashop business and hikamarket,
can you provide us with a coupon code ?

  1. Sylvie    HMED

To be honest, i don't recall doing a join partnership with HikaShop. Probably i will get in touch with them soon on this.

  1. Eileen O'Donnell    Sylvie

Sure that would be a great way to spur sales ---

  1. Alex

Sylvie, can you ask Nik if he can create the same plugin for Pages? As you know from Facebook Pages are typically businesses thus they would likely have products vs individuals. I think this is a great addition and long overdue to have some eCommerce integration.

Also, can you ask him if he can create a couple of additional plugins?
- My Wishlist Items
- Items I've purchased

If he was to use a similar layout to that of the Vendor list for the items above it would be great.


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  1. Sylvie    Alex

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your suggestion. If you haven't already submitted your suggestion, do post them at https://stackideas.com/voices/easysocial so our dev team could look into it.

  1. Paul Murray

Hi Alex/Sylvie/Nik

Yes pages are probably a good idea

How about groups?


As far as I can this also plays ball with Hikashop to allow the purchase of subscriptions:


There is also some interesting info here with respect to Hikashop & ES Points:


Any body thinking what I am thinking?

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  1. Sylvie    Paul Murray

Hey Paul,

Cool suggestions as well. Could you post them at https://stackideas.com/voices/easysocial if you haven't already done so?

  1. Haki Saki

Do you need a particular edition/version of Hikashop for this app to work with? Or can you just use the free Hikashop product?

  1. NIK FARIS    Haki Saki


For this to work, you need to have HikaShop and HikaMarket installed in your site. Just so you know, we were developing this using HikaMarket 1.7.3 and HikaShop Business 2.6.4.

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  1. Paul Murray

Hi Nik just double checking here so I need both right. Is there any reason why HikaShop Starter & HikaMarket should not do the trick? Great App by the way

  1. NIK FARIS    Paul Murray

Hello Paul,

If it is not working, do submit us a support ticket for this issue here https://stackideas.com/forums . I'll check it for you.

  1. Paul Murray

Great Nik. Fair enough. I will be buying your app some time next month. Stupid question why is the HikaMarket component required. Maybe as a store front? I have my very particular set up here, where I use a Moodle Course List (In Joomla Wrapper) as a place to display products (Courses) for sale! Moodle & Easy Social are linked via Joomdle! http://www.finalbug.net/courses-fcpx-and-related-post-production-tools

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  1. NIK FARIS    Paul Murray

Hello Paul,

Yes, HikaMarket is needed to post a product from frontend. Since this app is focusing on adding a product thru Easysocial Story Panel, we need the HikaMarket.

  1. Paul Murray

Hi Nik, OK got it. Thanks for this. This info is a big help. all the best Paul.

  1. Stan Chomer

Great progress and loooong waited for this! Hope to see more integration and features for this great Joomla products! Cheers!

  1. Sylvie    Stan Chomer

Thanks Stan!

  1. Don Lewis

Considering that i already have hikashop installed in my joomla, and then later installed easysocial, do i still need to purchase this app? What does the plugin actually do that is different from the app? I guess i'm a little bit confused on what the differences are and how they actually apply

  1. Mark    Don Lewis

Hello Don,

The app extends the functionality of Hikashop into EasySocial by allowing users to display products that they sell on their profile and also generate activity streams when a user purchases via Hikashop.

This app is not included in the core of EasySocial and it needs to be purchased separately.

  1. Paul Murray

I missed this and it appears that Hika Shop are extending functionality of Easy Social into Hika Shop


HikaShop 3.0.1. Release date : March, 3 2016

• We added a link to the order in the history of EasySocial points.
• The plugins "user points" now handle EasySocial points.

Opps that has bee there since HikaShop 2.6.1

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  1. Philippe

Do you think it would be possible to adapt this application to be able to use it without Hikashop ?
This application would create a new post format that will be displayed on the Stream, such as a Status or a Link.

Like Facebook and its classifieds...
Ideally it would be possible to post an classified from a User Profile, Page or Group.

Thank you.

  1. Mark    Philippe

Hello Philippe,

Unfortunately this app cannot work without Hikashop as Hikashop is still required as the base since it contains the data structure and the purchase flow.

  1. Philippe    Mark

I understand. But it could be an idea of a new application !
A Native Classifieds App.

It could be an activated application for those who have a Paid account Membership (Future EasySocial 2.1)

  1. Mark    Philippe

It's actually pretty irrelevant to paid membership because this is geared towards selling a product and not a service.

There are many other steps involve in Hikashop's logic like shipping, multi vendors, multi payouts etc. We try to focus on what we do best

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