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Google One Tap for EasySocial 4.0

Google One Tap for EasySocial 4.0

It has only been about a week since we posted the first beta of EasySocial 4 and I am extremely excited to share with you about the Google One Tap plugin that can work alongside the existing Sign in with Google in EasySocial 4.

Google One Tap

Google One Tap is a nifty little prompt which tries to get user to sign up on your site quickly with just a click of a button. If you have noticed on our site, there is a nice little banner at the top right corner of the screen and that is exactly what Google One Tap is all about.

We have rolled this out for a couple of weeks now and in comparison to Facebook & Github, Google One Tap produces 95% more sign-ups! 

Google One Tap on Desktop
Google One Tap on Mobile


Google One Tap will be available starting today and will be on sale at the price of $59. For the next 3 days only (Up till 28th January 2021),  you may use the coupon code GOOGLE to get 10% off the retail price.


Comments (26)

How can i test this on your website?
i'm logged out, but i do not see the "google one tab" like you descripted. do you have a short video or more detailed howto please.

We will be installing this on the EasySocial 4 demo site shortly. You can learn more about this from

We have installed this on our demo site at

what i see (desktop and mobile) on your demo website is the single sign on google button.
this prompt at the bottom on a mobile what you are showing on your second image is not showing up - do i missunderstand here something?
because for the button i do not need this plugin i guess, only for this new google one tab/prompt what should showing up.

There is a possibility that you have it disabled in your Google account. Are you logged into any Google account currently? This is how it looks like,

yes, i'm logged in my google account in chrome, but this popup in the right corner is not showing up.
is there a reference what this option is called in my google account?

Not sure if this helps but you can try this.

1. Try going to your account settings in Google > Security > Signing in with Google,

2. Then enable the option "Google Account sign-in prompts".

i tested another google account from mine and i could see now the "google tap".
However, as far as my main google account is concerned, it still does not work.

Is this support the Easy social Native mobile app?

Single sign on for Google will be supported in EasySocial Native 4.0 onwards.

Looks like the One Tap pop-up is being blocked on Safari (14) on Mac and iOS. It only shows the single sign-on button. In other browsers (Chrome and Firefox) on Mac and iOS, the pop shows up great.

Yep, that is correct. According to Google, these are the supported web browsers,

It's not that easy. It doesn't work with MANY security extensions. By default, it doesn't work with most of the privacy products and their installed browser extensions.

Or even (likely the most used single browser extension) Privacy Badger.

But anyway, it's a great feature to have!

Hm, I am not entirely sure what sort of data are you basing this on, but based on the statistics of user sign-ups on our site, I would say the conversion rate is extremely better than any of the social networks combined.

Based the observation of our site, in every 10 sign-ups using social networks, 9 of them uses Google One Tap.

Does this work on EasySocial with Payplans installed?

It goes through the same existing process of signing in with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Apple.

Hi mark!
Is it possible to install this plugin on EasyBlog, on a website without EasySocial?

Unfortunately it is not possible as it requires EasySocial 4.0

Looks awesome, i ll take it when ES4 will be available on stable !

A side question, the login/register page on stackideas website is realy awesome, are you integrating this in ES4 ? Say YES please

The login page is unique to the overall look and feel of the site. It cannot be "added" into EasySocial.

I'm totally agree. Your login/register page is very professional. It would be great to have the same

Thank you for the compliments!

Sounds and looks interesting, how does it handle a required custom profile field on the registration page? Say for example, I required users to submit a date (not birthday) when registering. Is there some way to remind/make new users to fill that field after?

Hello Colette,

Yep, you could configure EasySocial to enforce profile completion checks for users,

This way, after signing up, you can be sure that the users fill in these necessary details

Thanks Mark, that's good to know. I'm very interested in this for a project I'm working on.

You are most welcome Colette

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