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Komento, New Comment Extension for Joomla 2.5

Komento, New Comment Extension for Joomla 2.5

UPDATE: Komento is also compatible for Joomla 3.0

At StackIdeas, we endeavor to develop top quality extensions for Joomla 2.5 and committed to build tools that are easy to use. After months of work, we are now proud to announce an all-new Joomla comments system component, Komento!

Komento allows users to express what's in their head upon articles created in Joomla or even in blog posts. This comments extension is built to work only in Joomla 2.5 and is also capable of integrating with third party components, but more on this later.

Here are some of our favorite features in Komento ...

Conversation Bar
A novel feature to have so that you will be able to know which other commentors are involved in specific topics. Avatars of commentors are displayed for your convenience.

Geo-location Commenting
Find out more about your commentors. Users can also tag their current location wherever they are commenting, giving you information where your user base are located.

Best of Comments
May the best comment shine! Bring up the best comments and make it sticky to get more love and exposure. Your commentors will love you to bits!

Name with a Face
Personalize your comments with avatars pulled from various other sources like JomSocial, Community Builder, Gravatar, EasyBlog, K2, Virtuemart, and more.

Power to Control
Komento comes with Access Control List allowing site administrators to limit what commentors can or cannot do.

Social Sharing
Don't let your ideas go to waste, share it amongst your friends in your favorite social networks like Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter!

Spam Killer
You will find an array of security features in Komento in controlling (and possibly eliminating) spammy comments.

Are you all charged up yet?? There's loads more features we are cooking up for the final stable release, rest assured. Help us do a beta test on Komento and post your comments and evaluations at our forum http://stackideas.com/support/discussions/index/komento.html

Click on the button to download Komento for free


Some frequently asked questions

How much would this component cost when it get's stable?

It would be totally Free! as a return to the great support from the Joomla community!

Are there any migrators yet?

Our current intention is to ensure that Komento to be stable first. Once the platform is more stable, we'll look at the possibility of including a migrator.

Note: Komento is also available for Joomla 3.0


Comments (76)

Wah ! Seems great… too bad I'm not yet on J2.5 !

Hi Sebkun,

Thanks Currently we are tested on Joomla 2.5 but it should also work with Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7. If you are using Joomla 1.6 or above, you might want to give it a try

Unfortunately, I'm still on J1.5 but that should change in the summer (hopefully).

By the way, That's very nice of you guys, releasing it free of charge to the community.

It's the best comments system I've ever seen ! Good job !

questo è un test

Thank you for the awesome stuff! Going to post some suggestions in the forum!

Thanks Dianne! Keep them coming!


Wow looking too good we know that this can only be done by the stackideas team only....

Thank you Kapil

What a nice surprise

Yep, we've been working on this for the past couple of months Hope you enjoy them!

Sure, i want to help with the localisation when you release the stable version

Great to hear that! The language files will be made available via OpenTranslators soon once we finalized most of the language strings

Ok, but i will probably do it with com_localise, you can publish it there :)
btw it would be really nice if you look at the Ja Comment component - there are some great features that you can develop in Komento. For example "quite a comment" or "reply" etc

Is it possible to replace with easyblog comments?

Yes. It'll work with Easyblog but the coming version 3.5. Stay tuned!

Thats sounds good! 2 questions please:
- Will Komento always be available for free or just during the beta test?
- Is Komento works only with article page? I'm building my website with my own components (Jumi) and i'm searching for a comment system.


I'm sure its not going to be free but i hope they price it competitively with others, i need a reason to switch my comment system

Hello Alex,

Komento will be released for Free We do have support plans but that will come in later



Will you support import from jcomments, JA Comments?

Hello Jordan,

Yes, we're looking at creating migrators but not at the current beta as we're working on pushing for a stable release first

Always expect the best from this team - they never let me down - never!

Yay!! I've been HOPING one of the good developers out there would bring in a bigger, better comment system for the "new" Joomla! I can't think of a better place than StackIdeas to make this, so excited to see how it turns out! Trying out the beta now...

How about support for ohanah event app?

Hello JB,

This is in our feature request list for the next beta release We're planning to add a couple of other integrations as well including Flexicontent.

That is great news! I use K2, Zoo, and Flexi for clients, but the new FlexiContent is so great I may use it 75% of the time. I'm so glad you guys will support it!

Guys, you really are my favorite Joomla devs. Thanks for this new component, I can't wait the final version !

Thank you Bob!

hi dog

Very exciting! Great work guys

That is great news to hear about it being free, you make very good extensions.

Thank you Alex.

Looks amazing. How can I integrate with other components? Is there an integration guide that I could follow?

Hey Yas,

Yes, we'll be publishing the API guides shortly once a stable release is available

I downloaded it, but I am still on Joomla 1.5 and my site is running, stable and shows about 12.000 visitors / mounth... and is growing. Are you sure it works only with Joola 1.6 and up ?

Hey Michel,

Yes, the beta version only works with 1.6 and above. 1.5 integrations will be made available only when the stable is out. However, you should really look into upgrading your Joomla site to the latest version as soon as you can

Could you please add the function to be able to choose which article categories the comment form shows up on?

Hello Erik,

In the stable release, this is made as an option in the settings page

Congrats on another successful component, I'd have to say that you guys are proving your selves worthy in the Joomla community. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for your compliments Fred

Hi, very nice...
Downloaded it immediately and it worked nicely, but???
Will it be made compatible with Yootheme ZOO CCK?

That would be heaven!
Keep up the good work...

Hey Frank,

Komento currently works out of the box with Zoo from Yootheme. You just need to enable the settings from the back end

Hi, thx for the prompt reply.
i must have overlooked something, although I have tried several times without success.
Could you take a moment or 2 and tell me specifically which settings to adjust. I know it seems straightforward but...
Also, it seems logical to disable YOOtheme ZOO comments right?

Hey Frank,

Could you post your site's info in our forums, http://stackideas.com/support/discussions/index/komento.html so that we can take a look into this?

Hi again Jack,
No. Unfortunately we're developing in a local MAMP environment. But I will pu a fresh install up on my server with The Yootheme Template, ZOO version and widgetkit version for testing and problem solving purposes. I'll post the Install link on the support forum. THX a lot.

Hey Frank,

Ah, okay sure. Once you have that available, just post them on the forums and we'll check it out


Thanx for the Lovely Extension, in Btw is there a Feature Request Section, becoz comment sorting by date,ratings from frontend and comment rating would be a nice idea,

Ammy, you can actually post this in our Komento forum

Will you consider a migration plugin from the discussbot offical kunena forum plugin ?

We haven't really decided yet on any of the possibilities of creating a migrator but we're looking at creating migrators after it goes Stable

What about migration? It would be great if we can import Disqus comments into komento. People already use other products should be able to switch komento.

Hey Enes,

I am not too sure if there's any API that Disqus provides to allow migration. Is there an ability to export the comments from Disqus itself?


I got a php error using it with Yootheme Zoo

Hi, can you describe what kind of error you got in the Komento forum http://stackideas.com/support/discussions/komento-your-new-comment-component-for-joomla.html please.

Thanks for sharing..Good stuff here...I like to use joomla extension 2.5..Will Komento always be available for free or just during the beta test only?

Thanks for your feedback. Komento is now available for Joomla 2.5 and very soon, it will also work in Joomla 1.5. Yes, it is now free and will always be. Bear in mind, we dont provide support for free versions but you have the option of getting support for a small fee.


great Extension. Looks awesome, works fine. I will give it a try at my next private project. I think Komento will be a JComments Killer.

Hi Markus, thanks for considering to check out Komento for your next project. Well, we dont wanna kill anything but our intentions is to fulfill a certain needs gap that is needed by the market.

Very nice component, but I'm still use J1.5 :(, its make me sad

Very nice component, but I'm still use J1.5 :(, its make me sad

Joomla 1.5 support will be included in the stable release

Too bad you cannot enable or disable Komento for individual articles, only Categories. I want specific Articles to have comments, while other Articles in the same Category are closed for comments. Can this be possible?

Great extension and also a great name for extension. In Finnish the word "Komento" means Command.

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