EleGlance Theme by JoomlaPraise Works With EasyBlog

EleGlance Theme by JoomlaPraise Works With EasyBlog

The awesome people at JoomlaPraise took time in between their busy schedule to release a brand new Joomla template called EleGlance 2.5 last week! We were super excited about the release and today, we want to announce it to you all about this 'marriage'.

Read the interview with JoomlaPraise, after the jump.

If you are unaware, JoomlaPraise had recently been acquired by Joomla developers 'corePHP' and this new theme is the first Joomla 2.5 compliant template to kick things off of this growth.

See how EasyBlog looks like in EleGlance HERE

We managed to catch hold of Jonathan Shroyer, the project manager of the EleGlance team, for a little interview on this new development.

Andrew Rogers (AR): What was the main idea of creating a Joomla template for EasyBlog?
Jonathan Shroyer (JS): We feel that supporting our community is incredibly important for Joomla!. We are business owners, developers and users so we create what we would like to see from other developers. Virtually every time we create a Joomla! site we need to tweak the look of different extensions to look right in the template.

When we bought JoomlaPraise we wanted to do something different from other template companies and provide basic support for many 3rd party extensions in each template. Since blogging is the highest requested feature in the websites we develop, we felt that supporting the top blogging extensions out-of-the-box was our top priority. EasyBlog is a fantastic blogging extension and one of the most popular ones for Joomla! so we decided to include support of it in our first release and it will be supported in all future template releases as well. Since we are also providing responsive layouts for our templates as well, we made EasyBlog responsive for mobile as well.

AR: Who are your targeted users of EleGlance theme?
JS: We have decided to continue the mission statement of what JoomlaPraise has had in the past. We will continue to provide easy to use templates with strong design principles. People can use Joomla! books to learn and modify most parts of our templates which you can't do with most Joomla! templates which use custom frameworks. We are adding some PHP scripts as well to our templates to add some additional functionality which we feel is important for todays template needs.

AR: Why do you think adding a blog like EasyBlog is important for a website?
JS: Blogging is the best way to add unique content to your site which adds additional SEO value to your website. We recommend adding blogging to every website we create. EasyBlog is a great choice because of its ease of use, great features and it's a native Joomla! extension.

AR: How easy is it to use the EleGlance theme and EasyBlog if a user wants to build a blogging site?

JS: It couldn't get any easier! Install the template... install EasyBlog... start blogging. We really hope you enjoy what we are doing with JoomlaPraise and our dedication to supporting the developer community by making plug-n-play template support for users.

We are appreciative of this development and to celebrate this 'marriage', we are offering you a special price cut on EasyBlog at 15% discount, for 3-days only, starting today!

I also managed to twist Jonathan's arm for a little discount on their brand spanking new Joomla template, EleGlance 2.5 and they are mutually glad to offer you a 15% discount on all their club membership plans.

Best part is, you only need to use the SAME coupon code to enjoy the discounts. Use EASYTHEME to redeem the discount when you checkout your purchases.


Enter the coupon code: EASYTHEME before checking out your purchases on both websites.

This is a short promo that lasts for 3 days only, from today till Sunday, February 26th, 2012. You dont have much time left!
If you are thinking of starting a new Joomla website, new theme and a new blog, this is your chance. ;)

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  1. Beth G

I got this blog in a newsletter email, and it referred to a really neat blogging tool that helped insert related links and photos. I can't find that website now for the life of me and have deleted the newsletter. Can you post the name of that website again? It looked really neat!

  1. Andrew Rogers    Beth G

Hi Beth, are you referring to Zemanta? If yes, here are is the blog about it http://stackideas.com/blog/entry/bringing-a-blog-to-life-with-zemanta.html. Tell me how I could furnish you with more info! ;)

  1. Kaloyan Banev

Theme looks very clean, actually I am very nicely surprised how fast it loads, definitely a silver bullet for a busy website.

  1. Andrew Rogers

Thanks for noticing! Yeah, the JoomlaPraise guys nailed it for us! Have you got yourself EleGlance? :)

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