Echo Template Released

Echo Template Released

It has been hectic before and after the release of ConverseKit while concurrently performing multiple testings for Echo on different browsers, perfecting and tweaking some minor styling issues, and without further a-do, we would like to present you with Echo template. 

Let me briefly bring you through what are some of the main highlights of Echo template: 

  • Lightweight and agile
  • Clean and sophisticated design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Rich media oriented 
  • Works out of the box across all our Joomla extensions


Below are some screenshots of Echo on EasySocial:

Echo template is available for purchase today at the price of $59. For those who pre-ordered Echo template, the license has already been assigned to your account. You will be able to download it from My Orders page from our App Store


Try Echo template today →


Lunar New Year Offerings

As Lunar New Year approaches, our office will be closed from 28th January 2017 - 31st January 2017. Having said that, some of us including Mark will still be around, so feel free to ping him if you need anything :)


We will also be throwing a 25% discount for all single product purchases or renewals. You will need to use the coupon code LUNAR25.


For customers that are looking forward to an upgrade from the Pro to Developer plan, this is now the best time for you to do so. We will also be adding an additional 3 months extension into your subscription for every upgrade from Professional to Developer plans.


These goodies doesn't just stop there. I have also suggested to the team to take some time to carefully build a couple of special app bundles so that our customers would be able to enjoy all these awesome apps at a discounted price.



Utility bundle

Awesome apps to help you enhance your social site!

  • Page review
  • Group review
  • Profile Unlocker

$79 Only!


Super Blogger bundle

Supercharge your blogs!

  • Group blog app
  • Page blog app
  • Event blog app

$59 Only!


Modular bundle

Plugins that redefines interactivity on your site!

  • Docker app
  • Article stream app
  • Stream anywhere app

$109 Only!


Mobility bundle

Mobile visitors your primary concern? Worry no more!

  • Web mobile template app
  • Web push notification app

$89 Only!



How long will this promotion last?

This promotion will last till 12:00AM, 27th January 2017. Once the promotion is over, the app bundles and coupons will be retired from our system automatically.


How to redeem your additional 3 months subscription

Just in case that you weren't aware, product upgrades will not extend your current subscription and your license expiration date would remain the same. However for this promotion, 3 months will be added to your subscription for every product upgrade. Write to us using our priority helpdesk as this require manual activation. 


ConverseKit 1.0.4

One final note, we have also released ConverseKit 1.0.4 to address some of the bugs reported by our awesome customers. ConverseKit 1.0.4 can be downloaded from your dashboard. You may view the changes on our changelog




Comments (24)

  1. Eileen O'Donnell

What are the factors and considerations to take into account when considering the benefits/tradeoffs of using Echo Template on mobile vs Web Mobile Template App?

  1. Mark    Eileen O'Donnell

Mobile template allows you to have a native-ish template when browsing the site with a mobile device while the echo template is just like a standard template but responsive

  1. Kevin Morrison

Pornhub really? That is something you consider appropriate for your first template release?

  1. Mark    Kevin Morrison

It's a demo site :| I think someone must have added those videos. It will be erased now.

  1. Azya

I'm not seeing how you can log into the Echo template demo with a demo account... Is there a basic username and password that will work?

  1. Mark    Azya

There is a quick access module that allows you to login,

  1. Azya    Mark

Thanks. I looked and didn't see it. It would be nice if it were available from the other component front pages - not just ES.

  1. Mark    Azya

You could set any extensions that you want as your home page But what you see on the front page now contains a module to require user to login or register.

  1. Torgrim Sandvoll

Great clean and modern template. But The Echo template main menu (header) "jumps horizontally"/flickers every time you navigate to new page. Are you going to fix this? This makes the site look very ... flickerish/annoys viewers.
Win 10/Chrome.

  Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Torgrim Sandvoll Torgrim Sandvoll
  1. Mark    Torgrim Sandvoll

Hello Torgrim,

Hm, I cannot seem to reproduce this. Could it be that because of the hero image, it's causing the flicker effect since it is loading the image?

Where are you connecting from?

  1. Emilio Navas    Mark

I have the same issue.
When loading the page makes something strange as when loading, load first in vertical during one instant and then continue normally.

  1. Mark    Emilio Navas

Hey guys,

We finally managed to reproduce this and we will be releasing an update after this long weekend holidays (Chinese Lunar New year) with the updated Echo template.

  Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Mark Mark
  1. Rafał Szymański

Hi, I can't buy Echo template with Lunar discount. I'm automatically forwarded to paypal website, hence there is no place tu insert the coupon code.

  1. LAC Webadmin    Rafał Szymański

LUNAR25 coupon code does not work with Converse Kit. Is $79 already discounted price?

  1. Rafał Szymański    LAC Webadmin

I'm pretty sure that it's not a question You should ask me

  1. LAC Webadmin    Rafał Szymański

Hi Rafa,

I just added that comment underneath yours cause it's kinda related. Sorry!

  1. Mark    Rafał Szymański

LUNAR25 only works for single purchases of EasyBlog, Komento, EasyDiscuss, EasySocial and ConverseKit. It's not applicable to items from our app store.

  1. LAC Webadmin

Hi Mark,

How does the Web Mobile template work? Install and you're done? No settings and ES auto switches to mobile template if the community menu is loaded in a mobile device?



  1. Mark    LAC Webadmin

Yep, that is correct. Once the mobile template package is installed, whenever users on your site browses the site with a mobile device, it get's activated automatically. No settings required

  1. LAC Webadmin

Hi Mark,

Quick question regarding Converse Kit. I am looking at it as a support chat for non-logged in users, can it be done? Like I have Departmental Users and those users will be made available to non-logged in user but if they logged in they will see more of their friends?



  1. Mark    LAC Webadmin

Not currently Jackson, but we do have plans to improvise this in the future once we decouple this from EasySocial

  1. Paul Murray    Mark

Hi Mark, stupid question. Once ConverseKit is decoupled form ES… When this happens you can still use it with ES if you want right?

  1. Mark    Paul Murray

Yep, we are planning to decouple it in a way that it will work without any integrations or with integrations. When it is integrated with EasySocial, it will inherit the behavior from EasySocial.

If it doesn't have any integration, then their contacts will be with everyone on the site since there is no "connections" or "privacy" between Joomla users.

  Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Mark Mark
  1. LAC Webadmin    Paul Murray

Cool! I am looking at using but I would prefer ConverseKit when it's fully developed since it was designed for Joomla and of course another stackideas product. Awesome!

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