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EasySocial 2.1 RC

EasySocial 2.1 RC

​With the revamping of Horizon theme on user profile pages done and crossed out from our to-do list, we would like to present you with EasySocial 2.1 RC and many thanks to our bug squad that we are now a step closer to releasing the Stable version. 

​Below are just some of the added enhancements that we are really happy with the end result so far.

Docker Plugin

​The color picker setting in Docker really does wonder, but we took it another step further by redesigning the UI altogether. This is also to unify the entire UI to be in synced with EasySocial 2.1 update. Besides that, we have added LinkedIn sign on to it. Users can now login to EasySocial via Docker with their Facebook or LinkedIn account ever so effortless. 

Web Mobile Template

​This is also one of the features that we worked really hard when brainstorming for EasySocial 2.1 development. We came to realize that there was a huge difference when navigating EasySocial 2.1 on Android and iphone devices. This is rather evident especially viewing on Android, users tend to inevitably click on the toolbar. 

With the all new web mobile template, it will render the toolbar accordingly whenever an iphone or Android device was detected. For Android, the toolbar will be rendered on the top while iOS be remains at the bottom. 

Reviews App

Review app display
Review form submission

There's a saying that haters gonna hate. After observing Facebook reviews, it does not give admin the flexibility to remove false reviews, in which could put on a bad impression for potential new leads. 

Apart from revamping the layout aesthetically, we thought it might be really useful for Page and Group admins the ability to set reviews moderation first before publishing it, to have better control over all your pages and groups. This will also then lessen any unnecessary "noise" coming from reviews.

Operation Hours

Operation hours configurations
Operating hours custom field display

Now looking at the operations hour app, our designers and developers came out with a brilliant idea to simplify the entire operation hours widget for pages. Not only it has a contemporary dropdown design to it, it also has an easy configuration settings for admin to set the appropriate time for their businesses or operating hours.  

Task app

Every hand can, teamwork allows you to do so much more when tasks are delegated properly. We have updated and beautify this app to be more straightforward and brings more clarity in terms of task assignments in groups, events or managing your personal tasks.

Discussion app

Discussions are an important aspect in building networks. So what better way to have it in groups, pages or events in EasySocial 2.1. We have redesigned the discussion layout inside out, it's now looking stunning and entices users interactivity. 

Dashboard Sidebar

Sidebar settings

With the release candidate, you can also now configure the position of the sidebars for the profile and the dashboard. Apart from that, you may also completely hide it altogether.

Give it a try

Last but not least, you can now give all these new and awesome apps a try on our live demo site. :)

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