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EasySocial Native App 1.0.2

EasySocial Native App 1.0.2

We have just updated the EasySocial native app with some additional goodies after getting some of your feedbacks. Read on to learn more about the changes.

Titan Improvements

We have added more configurations into Titan and you can now configure what appears in the drawer, footer as well as the registration settings.

Apart from that, we have also enhanced Titan builds to display more details of the build if it fails. You can now click on the Message link to display messages as to why a build fails.

Other Fixes and Improvements 

These are the changes that are included in this release. We now also have a changelog for the EasySocial Native app should you want to view the full list of the changelog.

  • Drawer items can now be configured from the configuration file
  • Footer icons can now be configured from the configuration file
  • Login screen is now compatible with smaller devices
  • Registration can be disabled from the configuration
  • Reduced delay when checking for username during the registration process.
  • Fixed issue with modal not closing correctly when viewing a photo.
  • Location sharing will now work correctly on both iOS and Android.
  • Fixes issue with double tapping on registration views.
  • Addressed styling issue for certain activity stream items.
  • Fixed styling on login view for smaller screens.
  • Header on covers will now work with longer text.
  • Fixed issue with delays when rendering the share form.
  • Added missing translations that was previously hard-coded
  • Pagination on "My Friends" tab will now work correctly.
  • Clicking on profile picture will now display the photo viewer correctly.
  • Error handling screen will now display text correctly.
  • Fixed issue with mood icon appearing in an incorrect size.
  • View the rest of the changes on our changelog

Update Your Plugins Today 

The changes made in Titan will be available immediately. If you have not updated your REST API plugin (v1.0.3) and Push Notification app (v1.0.3), please remember to do so. You can download it by heading over to the Downloads section in Titan.


Comments (12)

This is a dreams come true ! Amazing social network, great app for both platforms, effortless build platform Titan. Stackideas & Joomla! rocks.

Comment was last edited about 1 year ago by Pavol Nagy Pavol Nagy

Thank you very much Pavol!

True.. Stackideas & Joomla! rocks

Thanks Ssnobben


Its very impressive app but we can't use it until
it will Support RTL and translation file.
The RTL is Big Issue for our users : - (

Best Regards

Thank you for your input on this. RTL is something that we are looking into but probably not in our immediate time-frame as RTL has different complexity altogether.

Hi there, do you guys plan to release a properly compatible iPad and tablet version of the app? Right now on my ipad 7th generation 2019 it shows up like so https://share.getcloudapp.com/OAurwN5J basically it shows the iphone size app on the large ipad retina screen. Not very elegant at all so just wondering if you guys plan on releasing a Tablet version or retina compatible version? Thanks

Hey James,

Yes, we do have planning for releasing a tablet version but we do not have an eta for the release.

Good to hear it. The tablet for my community is extremely important. Looking forward to seeing progress here. Thanks.

You are most welcome James


does the app include tasks and milestones yet? This is one of the key things for us :)


Hi Mel,

Unfortunately the app do not include task and milestone at this moment but we will include these feature in our future release Anyway, thank you for your input.

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