EasySocial 1.3 is now available.

EasySocial 1.3 is now available.

The wait is finally over. EasySocial 1.3 is now on stable release and is now available to any active license holders. Some are the features are already mentioned in our previous post. Everything is now stabled and you can obtain it by navigating to your dashboard and click on the download button for your EasySocial. Of course, you must have an active license for this. :) 

One of the thing that I personally like is the Event function. I've seen how our developers were fixing bugs after bugs on the beta report just to ensure that Events works better than what the users have anticipated. 



As you can see, our Event works superbly awesome. Apart from the normal Event management, we also have a 'Discussion app' built inside of it. You can now create discussion to discuss about issues related to the Event. Anyone's up for a Destiny's match? :)

Another feature that we are truly proud of is the Broadcasting. With Broadcasting, you can broadcast your message to other users without having to actually rely on the Activity Stream. Broadcasting will ensure that all users on your site will get the message. Simple and efficient. 



Other features includes dating search where you can search for users based on name, gender, age and location. This is a must for those who wishes to built an awesome dating site. 



All these, and lots more, is waiting for you guys in EasySocial 1.3. To get it, simply log in to your dashboard and click on your EasySocial's download button. 


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  1. Eileen O'Donnell

The wait is over! Awesome work by a phenomenal team of talented developers, designers, & marketers :)

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  1. Ahmad Justin    Eileen O'Donnell

Thank you Eileen. :D

  1. Jannik L.

Sweet! Don't forget to push out a Wanderers with 1.3 compatibility soon ^^

  1. Mark    Jannik L.

Noted, we are already working on it :)

  1. Jannik L.    Mark

Sweet! Hate to be one of the people asking for more stuff after you deliver greatness, but that is the cost of being the most awesome joomla dev team, we keep asking for more, more, more. Not because we want to be mean or come across as unsatisfied, but because we love working with you guys and implementing your products onto our sites :D Stackideas is like a drug :)

  1. Justin


  1. Ken

Nice! Hope everything's fixed! And by the way, congratulations to the great and hard working team of stackideas!

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  1. Mark    Ken

Thank you Ken :)

  1. Paul

And it begins... :) Now I will attempt to break it and prove your awesomeness.

  1. Ahmad Justin    Paul

Thanks Paul. Challenge accepted! :D

  1. Reggie

I must gracefully bow to the Stackideas team...I just got my hands on EasySocial 1.3 and I now have the thing I have always wanted on my wish list. A sign in button that drops down into a login form !!! I am doing backflips...I love you guys SO much I think I might just dump my girlfriend and move in with you guys in your broom closet !!!

I asked for this before and you guys made it happen...incredible.!! That one little small thing has opened up the door to what I can do with my design..I...

I must gracefully bow to the Stackideas team...I just got my hands on EasySocial 1.3 and I now have the thing I have always wanted on my wish list. A sign in button that drops down into a login form !!! I am doing backflips...I love you guys SO much I think I might just dump my girlfriend and move in with you guys in your broom closet !!!

I asked for this before and you guys made it happen...incredible.!! That one little small thing has opened up the door to what I can do with my design..I was "hemmed in"..now I am FREE !!

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  1. Mark    Reggie

Thank you for the kind compliments Reggie :)

  1. Reggie    Mark

My pleasure. I dont comment too often. But wanted to let you guys know your hard hard work is appreciated.

  1. Reggie    Mark

If only the dropdown had "forgot your username/password" options...would be perfect.

  1. Neel    Reggie

@Reggie... Mark just added that couple of hours ago. It will be included in the next release. :)

Here is the link: http://stackideas.com/forums/creating-a-login-dropdown-module

  1. Reggie    Neel


  1. John Leake

Congratulations! I'm ready to try!

  1. Ahmad Justin    John Leake

Thanks John. Great! Let us know if you have any feedbacks. :)

  1. Sam Famma


  1. Ahmad Justin    Sam Famma

Thank you Sam. :)

  1. Binky

Congratulations!!! Your team keeps getting better. You all should take a break and join us in San Francisco for next years "How Weird Street Fair".

  1. Ahmad Justin    Binky

Hey that looks awesome! I hope Mark will bring us all to that fair.. you know.. for science! :D

  1. muhanad

Congratulations guys .. how busy you are is scary .. you really can't take a break, the second this is done, we are expecting some updates on easyblog, Wanderers, easysocial 1.4 .. :o:o:o:o

and myself I'm waiting for the demo to be updated as well :p


  1. Ahmad Justin    muhanad

Hi Muhanad! :)

Well, demo site is already updated to the latest version. Contrary to popular beliefs, we do take a break every now and then.

And for the first part of your comment, I have only this picture to reply with :


Take a break? What's that? Is it edible? :D

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  1. Eugen Salnikov

YES! You did it!

  1. Ahmad Justin    Eugen Salnikov

Yes we did. All thanks to the awesome beta testers out there. ;)

  1. Neel

Stable release already? Just 2 days ago you released Beta 5! Now you all can take a break (for 10 mins) and start all over again for 1.4.

Congratulations on the stable 1.3 release!

  1. Ahmad Justin    Neel

Actually, we took about a 4 minutes and 53 second break before we continue with EasySocial 1.4. :D

Thank you!

  1. Sean Carney

I can't wait to install this on my site this morning and start creating events and broadcasting. The dating component might also be real popular! Thank you thank you thank you!

  1. Ahmad Justin    Sean Carney

You're welcome, Sean. I hope you really enjoy playing around with Events and Broadcasting.

  1. Richard

Looking great guys, appreciate all the hard work from the Stackideas team and beta testers for yet another quality release! :)

  1. Ahmad Justin    Richard

Thank you Richard. :)

  1. lsdo

Awesome ! :)

  1. jasonargo

Good work! http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-_Pg5clyxUss/UbXNYUwENJI/AAAAAAAAmQY/vrveOlaGS8Y/s1600/aplausos-2.gif

  1. Adam

congratulations guys!! :)

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  1. Vlad Dracula


How are events different than facebook events? What are the differences that one can use to sell their site vs facebook?


  1. Ken    Vlad Dracula

You can post one directly on your stream and another on the group, without any extra steps (just like posting image!)

  1. Ahmad Justin    Vlad Dracula

Thank you Vlad. :)

Well, I have to say that one of the most awesome thing about EasySocial is that you're free to design your site to whatever you wish. Why restrict yourself to Facebook's limitation when you can have your own template, your own design and your own user database? :D

  1. Mist

Awesome ! Congrats guys for this release.
Now, i have a stream management feature in backend. Thank Youuuuuuu !

You guys really deserve our appreciations and gratitude for giving an example out there on how a customer-oriented company look like.
You listen to your users feedback and take notes and very often those notes become reality !

Thank you !

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  1. Ahmad Justin    Mist

Hi Mist,

We believe that our establishment is built by the users. Without you guys, we're nothing but a bunch of geeks playing around with codes and video games. :D

  1. Olivier FRASCONE

It's great waiting for video support and definitively switch from jomsocial to easysocial :)

  1. Ahmad Justin    Olivier FRASCONE

Hey that's like a music to my ear!

We're building on Videos for EasySocial as we speak. We'll burn the midnight oil so that we can deliver Videos as soon as possible. :D

  1. Andrew

Hey Mark, Justin and the team...

Great work!!!! It looks awesome. It took a while longer than what was initially said, but it is there at last.

I am missing Group Events though. Any idea when this will be available or added to 1.3?

Found a few issues but as usual your team got onto it immediately. Keep it up guys!

  1. Eugen Salnikov    Andrew

That would be great, to have Group Events! :D

  1. Miguel

I really want to migrate from jomsocial to easysocial but we need video feature

Thats anybody know how whe can do that with another component? Any realese day for the video support?


  1. Olivier FRASCONE    Miguel

Wait 1.4 who will integrate video support ;)

  1. Paul

@Miguel have you looked at HWDMediashare? I don't know about direct EasySocial integration but it does have an API so you could do it yourself or hire someone to create the kind of apps that you want to use for Easysocial

  1. Andy

Just a marketing thought.. ES Events is SO awesome and near-perfect that you could put it on JED under their Events category. Just thinking that some site owners wont be looking for a social component but WILL be looking for an events component and they should know that ES Events probably beats most of the standalone events components out there.

  1. Andrew

Any chance of getting WhatsApp messaging added to ES? We would like to provide the option of getting updates, notifications and alerts via WhatsApp or eMail.

See: http://whatsapp-sharing.com/

Most of our current user base has WhatsApp and prefer that to email.

Anyone done anything in this regard, please get in touch.

  1. Ahmad Justin    Andrew

Hi Andrew, thank you for your suggestion. Currently our focus is to follow our milestone and the plans layout. Integrating WhatsApp with EasySocial isn't actually part of the plan but it does sounds interesting. I'll forward your idea to Mark and he'll decide whether it's do-able or not. Thank you!

  1. Andrew

Does ES 1.3 include Group Invitation (Invitation to join Group) via email or Social Media yet? If not any idea when this would be available? It is very important for us and I guess others to provide their users with the ability to invite people to join a group who are not yet site users. This is usually done by email address (manual entry or csv), and more and more via Social network.

Like to hear from anyone who has a good solution for this if it is not yet in ES 1.3.

  1. Olivier FRASCONE    Andrew

We use invitex to do this :
I think the owner will integrate easysocial event soon, ask him ?

  1. carl

when you do the video feature i will buy it until now i will use jomsocial

  1. Ahmad Justin    carl

Thank you for your input, carl. Videos will be available on EasySocial 1.4. ;)

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