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EasyDiscuss - The all-new Social Collaboration Tool for Joomla!

EasyDiscuss - The all-new Social Collaboration Tool for Joomla!

It is still a new year and we're starting it with an awesome new component for all of you Joomla! users. Let me present to you EASYDISCUSS!

EasyDiscuss is a social collaboration tool that works for Joomla! website especially in gathering user-generated content on a specific topic. The component provides a centralized community-driven area for ideas, information, resources, and feedback that are valuable in making important decisions, or creating results.

So, if you are familiar with Yahoo! Answers, this component works just like that in your very own Joomla! website.

A screenshot of what EasyDiscuss looks like

Targeted for businesses, this component enables site administrators to find out what people think about a certain topic and feedback on them. EasyDiscuss helps to facilitate this by allowing site users to create any interesting topic that is worth discussing about. The best part of this tool is you can start a discussion forum within seconds!

EasyDiscuss creates an environment for social discussion between users by users where everyone's' experiences and opinions are valuable input in deciding the next course of action.


Marketers will find this resourceful tool in planning for their next marketing strategy, or creating a new product/service. EasyDiscuss displays which discussion is receiving the most user participation each time a customer posts/comments on a topic and this allows marketers to engage with them. Marketers can use this tool to find out if their current products/services are booming or bust, too!


This component works best if you are a teacher or a lecturer who wants your students to participate in a certain subject taught in class. EasyDiscuss encourages a question-and-answer scenario where students can share their thoughts and teachers can moderate and comment on students' feedback. It is a great teacher-lesson-student interaction place in the name of learning, too!

Project Management

Members of a project will find this tool useful in exchanging information regardless of geographical location. The team leader can tap on the knowledge and experiences of members based on the topics/questions posted in EasyDiscuss, and make fast decisions on-the-spot effectively. The information shared can evolve over time and results in collective ideation and innovation for future use.

Other industries that can benefit from this tool are:

- Sales
- Research & development
- Insurance
- Customer service
- Advertising
- IT
- Publishing
- ... and many more industries!

So, if you are a Joomla! user/developer, this is a great tool for community-generated information gathering.

To check out EasyDiscuss in action, check out our DEMO page. For full feature listing, read them at our PRODUCTS page.


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