Rating engine for your blog entries

Rating engine for your blog entries

One of the features that will be included in EasyBlog 2.0 will include a proper rating system for your blog entries. Of course, this feature will be an optional feature where you can just disable it from the back end if you want.


Rating for blogs


Stay tune for more updates :)


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  1. Lionel

How much does this blog costs?

  1. Jack    Lionel

Hey, it is only $45 for the community edition and $59 for the standard edition.

  1. Melissa

Can you replace the basic stars with any image you want?

  1. Jack

Yes of course :) We also include the '.psd' format in the source as well to simplify this as it uses css sprites.

  1. Melissa

Sweet! When does 2.0 come out? If we purchase the current version, can we upgrade to 2.0 for free?


  1. Jack

EasyBlog 2.0 is scheduled for a release during mid April 2011 :) Yes, of course you are entitled to 1 year of free updates!

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