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EasyDiscuss 4.0.5 and EasySocial 1.4.9

EasyDiscuss 4.0.5 and EasySocial 1.4.9

We just released EasyDiscuss 4.0.5 and EasySocial 1.4.9. Fixing all those bugs is not always an easy tasks, but the team managed to squash and destroy approximately over 50+ bugs with added few new features to enhance your Joomla discussions and social networking site.

Here are some nifty added features, refinements and improvements done:

EasyDiscuss 4.0.5

  • Profile links integration with Jomwall, Kunena and Community Builder
  • Standardize email template to look similar to EasySocial 
  • Allow moderator to disallow public view of user's profile
  • Improved EasyDiscuss group and user apps
  • Fixed Gravatar integration

EasySocial 1.4.9

  • New module positions for video layouts
  • Rules to restrict user from uploading photos on the site
  • Rules to allow or disallow user from joining an group or an event
  • New email notification for broadcast notification
  • New email notification when creating polls in groups
  • Fixed possible errors when image contains EXIF data with symbols

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