EasyBlog is nominated in J.O.S.C.A.R!

EasyBlog is nominated in J.O.S.C.A.R!

Hey guys! 

I am proud to announce that EasyBlog were short-listed for "Best Commercial Joomla Add-ons" in 2014 Joomla! Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition Awards (J.O.S.C.A.R.S). The attendee will be voting for the winner and results will be posted on 30th of May 2014. J.O.S.C.A.R.S is the peak event by the 'J and Beyond' team. The nominations are open to all Joomla! Community. From the nomination lists, a group of International Jury will create a short list.

From there, the attendant of the event will vote for the winner.  

It is an honor for us to be short-listed in the list amongst top Joomla! components. Though I feel that it's an honor, deep down inside I still wish that EasyBlog will be chosen as the winner. Let's all keep our finger cross, shall we? :)

For those who wishes to know EasyBlog more, feel free to click on the buttons below. 



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  1. Benoit Gonneville Damme

Great job guys, congrats!

Any idea when the new EB version will be announced? Or anyway to get a preview of some features? ;-)


  1. Mark    Benoit Gonneville Damme

Thank you guys :) Benoit, we're still working on EB 4.0 right now but be sure to stay tune to our blogs :p

By the way, I think I still owe you a badge rule or something if I recall correctly? Are you available on Skype tomorrow?

  1. Benoit Gonneville Damme    Mark

I visit this blog every single day, trust me, I won't miss anything -____-

Yes, Skype tomorrow is fine with me, thanks again for your help regarding the Zoo to ES integration (badges, newsfeed and points if I recall)!


  1. Jannik L.    Benoit Gonneville Damme

Is there a Zoo integration in the works? :)

  1. Benoit Gonneville Damme    Jannik L.

Yes, I have made develop a Zoo app for ES, check the conversation here : http://stackideas.com/forums/easysocial-app-zoo-integration

Final integration with the help of Mark is on it's way. ;-)


  1. Jux


  1. Mark    Jux

Thanks Julien!

  1. HMED

great news congratulations !!

  1. Ahmad Justin    HMED

Thank you ketab! :D

  1. Ahmad Justin

Sadly, we lost to Akeeba Admin Tools. :(

It's OK, we'll get them next year! :D

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