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EasyBlog 5.4.8 Released

EasyBlog 5.4.8 Released

We have just released an update for EasyBlog to address some of the issues encountered from the previous release.

In this release, we have implemented several fixes to address reported issues from prior releases:

  • EasyBlog will now use a relative path when saving the PDF block to avoid issues when switching domains
  • Instagram block will now be rendered in the correct aspect ratio so that the footer in the card will also be visible
  • Addressed formatting issues during auto postings
  • Fixed issue with category template overrides rendering incorrect css file
  • Facebook auto postings will now respect the content source settings
  • Fixed issue with Links in heading resetting its heading style
  • Addressed validation issues when making multiple changes in a block document
  • Removed references to deprecated library JXMLElement
  • Facebook group listings are now limited to 500 groups
  • Fixed issue when using image blocks in a nested block where image width is not being respected
  • Template file listings will no longer list irrelevant css files
  • Addressed issue with alt text not being saved correctly
  • Fixed issue with upload button when duplicating a text block that contains nested image block
  • Video blocks now support webm videos if webm extension is added into the supported list of extensions in media manager settings
  • Addressed issue with cursor when document is on RTL mode
  • Changing the number of columns in the thumbnails block will no longer change the ordering of pictures
  • Categories and subcategories will now respect the ordering defined at the back-end
  • Addressed grid styling issues with magazine layout 1 on iPad
  • Saving a backdated post will now cause the blog post to be published correctly
  • EasyBlog Navigation Module will now respect the ACL to manage post templates
  • Added a new setting for EasyBlog Navigation Module to determine the position of drop-downs
  • Fixed issue with post cover not appearing in modules when Crop Photo Cover settings is enabled
  • Fixed issue with update button for Pinterest block not responding to clicks
  • Auto filling of tags will now display proper notice if cURL library is not available instead of throwing errors
  • Removed manifest.json as OneSignal no longer requires this file
  • Checkout the changelog for the full changes

Updating to EasyBlog 5.4.8

Updating EasyBlog is a pretty straight-forward procedure. You can update EasyBlog using the single click updater in Joomla or the back end of EasyBlog. Alternatively, you can also download the latest version from your dashboard and install it just like how you normally install any extension.

Our awesome support team is always around should you require any assistance at all.

Happy Updating!

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