EasyBlog 5.1.7 Update

EasyBlog 5.1.7 Update

Hey guys, we have been receiving many questions on the frequent updates for EasyBlog 5.1 recently. So, the biggest question of all is why were there frequent updates after the EasyBlog 5.1 Stable release? 


Despite from all the heavy testings done since EasyBlog 5.1 Beta, we still receive many bug reports. These errors that you might be facing now were unprecedented.

For instance, there were only a handful of reports having installation issue, RTL not displaying correctly or even placeholder image issue but it seems to manifest on certain hosting environment. However, at most times EasyBlog 5.1 seems to work just fine. That is why we find these findings and errors to be quite perplexing. 

Well, that shouldn't be an excuse for us. Mark and team took matters into their hands quickly and rectify the issues as soon as they could. That's how chaotic it was, "crunch time" in office.

What issues are addressed? 

For this update will mainly focus on bug fixes and some refinements added in. For more info, you could actually refer to our Changelog with the button below.

How to update?

There are actually two ways to get EasyBlog updated:
  1. Head on over to your dashboard to download the latest update and then install it just like how you initially installed the extension.
  2. OR Hit the "Update Now" button at the backend and you're good to go.

Do you need help? 

Should you need any assistance or happen to discover any bug that requires our immediate attention, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our helpdesk and our support team will attend to your tickets as quickly as they could.

Thank you

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who diligently sends in their bug reports especially since the initial release, and thanks to your effort, EasyBlog 5.1 is now more stable for everyone. :) 

Comments (7)

  1. calvin

updating from the backend was not working for me something like a package file not available...anyone else...if it were working from the backend then I am less bothered by the frequent updates and understand FORGIVE you

  1. Mark    calvin

I believe you were trying to install using the updater, is this correct? Is it on the domain that is on your license file?

  1. Aylin

Same problem is on my website
Sametime work, sametime not work

  1. Mark    Aylin

If you are still having issues with the installation, please do contact us on our helpdesk

  1. Tela Performance

I feel soooo guilty now reporting so much bugs

  1. Mark    Tela Performance

I think you are doing an amazing job to be honest. We can only test so much and there are still thousands of different types of setup. The quicker we eliminate all these different setups and bug fixes, the better it is

So, Thank you!

  1. joey

? i see emoji is still not work

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