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EasyBlog 5.3 Beta 2 Released

EasyBlog 5.3 Beta 2 Released

Today, we would like to present you with EasyBlog 5.3 Beta 2! This release does not include only bug fixes reported on the previous beta release, but added a couple of extra features and functionality which were introduced in this release by the team. Read on to learn more about this.

User Actions Log Integration

With the addition of User Actions Log in Joomla 3.9, we have also integrated action logs for EasyBlog! Site administrators can now take full advantage of user actions log on the site. You can find the full list of supported actions from our docs

Apart from that, the following are also some of the issues, refinements and other improvements that were addressed in this beta release. If you missed out on the key features in EasyBlog 5.3, get a quick recap here.

  • ? Added notifications for published blog posts on pages, groups and events (Available in EasyBlog 5.3 stable)

  • ? Added new custom field to disallow members of a page, group and event from posting blog posts (Available in EasyBlog 5.3 stable)

  • ? Added ability to include a post cover when posting from EasySocial's activity stream form (Available in EasyBlog 5.3 stable)

  • Addressed issue with minimum character count when posting a blog post

  • Fixed issue with changing categories in settings for remote tweets

  • Addressed responsive issue on tablet layout

  • Addressed several issues reported in regards to duplicate contents

  • Fixed the width of the textarea for author's biography

  • Fixed issue with unicode characters on the post affecting embedded videos and other media on the content

Last but not least ...

It is always not recommended to install a beta release on a production site. It is entirely up to you but we strongly recommend that you install the beta release only on a staging site for testing purposes. This way, when anything goes wrong, it wouldn't be affected on your production site.

Also, we appreciate your assistance with the hunting down of bugs in our beta release. Please do not forget to submit your tickets in the correct category especially for EasyBlog 5.3 issue tracker :) 

That would allow our developers to address the raised issues more efficiently. Happy testing folks! :) 


Comments (4)

Great work, looking forward to this release. Better integration with easysocial.

Any final release date yet?

We don't have the ETA yet at this point of time as it would also be dependent on the issues that we received from the beta forum.

Just had an idea that would be a great inclusion for this release of its not to late.

With the RSS feed importer we can import blog posts and publish on our blog. That's great, but how about you do the same for pages and groups.

Let pages and groups beable to import blog posts by RSS feeds.

I have the blog apps but would really love this feature.

How about it?


Thanks for your insights on this Adam :)

There are no comments posted here yet
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