EasyBlog 3.9.15770 released

EasyBlog 3.9.15770 released

We have addressed a minor issue with EasyBlog earlier today and we have just released a new update for EasyBlog. However, our team of experts quickly sniffed out this vulnerability and patch it up.

Cross-site scripting which is also known to many as XSS attacks is a vulnerability that allows unknown users to trick you into injecting malicious scripts into an otherwise trusted websites. As soon as it was found, our team immediately raised the red flag, fixing it and releasing the latest version that patches this vulnerability.

There are also few other minor updates that bugs that we've fix; you can check EasyBlog's changelog here. Our changelog is powered by ChangelogHQ.  

For those of you who have not updated, please get the latest EasyBlog 3.9.15770 via your dashboard. You can also download the manual patch from http://stackideas.com/quickfix_15770.zip

We are also offering a 30% discount off for your account' renewal. You may use the coupon code EASYFIX30 to renew. :)


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  1. Randall McCallum


Thanks for the update.

  1. Ahmad Justin    Randall McCallum

No problem Randall. :)

  1. Jessica Valdezes

Its good to provide update with minor changes. It does happen with many users they face some problem at some points.

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  1. Samantha Prinsloo

Hi guys, this coupon is not working anymore?

  1. David Lee

Coupon not working anymore bump.

  1. Ahmad Justin

Yeah, the coupon code is no longer active seeing that it was distributed nearly 3 weeks ago. We do have other coupon codes, do check out some of our other new posts. :D

  1. Trunk Zen

Thanks a lot !:)
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  1. Jeannie Webb

Good features. Thanks for sharing.
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