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EasyArticles Stable Released

EasyArticles Stable Released

Yup, it's finally here. We now proudly present to you the stable release of EasyArticles. This is actually one of the fastest ever new product release that we have done. As most of the highlights were previously shared here, allow me to brief you through some of the highlights in EasyArticles.


Effortless Composer 


​I believe this feature to be one of the main highlights in EasyArticles. Besides having such an amazing and simple composing platform, it's also equipped with the essentials for any content type out there, such as enriched media previews for Facebook and Youtube, geolocation which is supported by Google maps, Joomla custom fields, convenient publishing options and many more.

Powerful Media Manager

Media Manager

​Adopted from EasyBlog, this powerful and easy-to-use media manager is specially useful for authors and editors alike to easily manage, organize and store media files within Joomla. Besides all those great features, it was raved by many of our users that it's a better media manager compared to Joomla's.

Productive Workflows


​One of the common downside for Joomla articles is not having a proper workflow. To further enhance the composing and publishing experiences in EasyArticles, authors and editors could now moderate or supervise post submissions and collaborate on the site effortlessly.

Post Templates

Quick Post Templates

Post templates in EasyArticles will come in useful to those who works on multiple posts continuously. Not only does it save time, it also comes in handy when your site has wide a variety of posts.


Push Notification - OneSignal
Email Notification

​Do you need your audience to be aware of the release an article, perhaps a long waited one that has just published on the site? EasyArticles was created to have the best of both worlds. Your audience will no longer miss out on another important article. 

Responsive Design

​All EasyArticles goodies on your handheld devices, whether you're abroad, or away from your PC. EasyArticles responsive design allows you to edit, publish, assign categories, approve or reject submissions on the fly.

Front-end Dashboard 

Front-end Dashboard
Articles Listing

Need a quick overview of EasyArticles? Site moderators will have a bird's eye view of some statistics with regards to your audience. On top of that, performing actions such as managing articles, categories, tags, approvals and rejections could be done directly from the front-end of EasyArticles. How convenient eh? 

Content Importer

Content Importer
Sometimes it could be tough for authors to keep creating content on your site especially when you have a site with a larger target audience. Because we know that it is not easy to get authors for your site, EasyArticles built in content importer allows you to setup multiple RSS feeds to import content from different sites. 

Templates Friendly

​With EasyArticles, it allows you have the privilege to choose from the different well-known template providers when choosing a template for Joomla. Get ready to be spoilt by choices!

Social Media Auto-Posting

Social Media Auto Posting

Managing multiple social media accounts could be such a hassle. With EasyArticles, authors could now share content across their social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn whenever a new article is being published on the site. 

3 Days Special

To celebrate this release, we would like to offer a free Komento (worth $35) license with every EasyArticles purchase. Don't let this chance pass you by! :)

*P/S: This offer is valid till August 12, 2017. The FREE Komento license would require manual activation, get in touch with us along with your order reference, we will then update the FREE Komento license to your account. 

Try Our Live Demo

​Still not ready to commit but would love to give EasyArticles a try? Check out our EasyArticles live demo site and give it a spin! 

Thank You For Your Support

As we conclude the development of EasyArticles 1.0 for the time being, while releasing maintenance releases every now and then. We would like to extend a big thank you to our bug squad and encouraging users for supporting our work. We hope EasyArticles could be your tool to bring authors and editors the joy of creating more great content on your site.

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