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Congratulations to the Joomla!Dagen 2011 Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to the Joomla!Dagen 2011 Giveaway Winners!

We'd like to congratulate the winners of the recently concluded Joomla!Day giveaways in the Netherlands!

We sponsored 10 copies of EasyBlog to the 6th Dutch Joomla!Dagen held at Kaap Doorn, Netherlands. Our Joomla! blog component was given away randomly by the Organizers to these lucky 10 participants of the Joomla!Dagen.

Here are the names of the lucky people:

  1. - Xandra Dick-Tinkelenberg
  2. - Wim Strik
    - Roland Dalmulder
    - Milly Uylenbroek
    - Niqui Seuntjens
    - Peter van Westen
    - Charles van Poucke
    - Kees de Goeijer
    - Maarten Kroon
    - Gert Braakman

Each winner will enjoy 12 months worth of technical support and software updates worth $59.

We may not be physically there but sponsoring made us felt that this event was well worth it. Look at the accompanying video, seemed like a lot of fun!

Once again, Gefeliciteerd to all the winners!


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