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Appy day for EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and EasySocial!

Appy day for EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and EasySocial!

We are so hAppy to announce Appy, the new Joomla! theme by one of our partners, ThemeXpert. Not only it's an awesome and trendy theme, it also supports EasySocial, EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss. For EasyBlog, EasySocial and EasyDiscuss users, you now have another choice of theme to add up to your library. The best part is that Appy comes with 12 preset colour style on both light and dark. This means that applying it on your site would be easy, without having to worry about light/dark themes. You want it to be blue on your dark EasySocial theme? Easy! Just a simple colour switch and your site's facelift process is complete. 

Appy on EasySocial. 


Before we proceed, you might think "What is EasySocial?". EasySocial have the magical power to change your Joomla! site into an awesome social networking site and helps you to build a community. To learn about it, check out EasySocial's page here.

Now, moving on, we've expected the theme to be good but we didn't expect it to be THIS good. As shown in the screenshot, Appy fits in perfectly with EasySocial's light blue theme. We do not see any inconsistency and/or missing features. However, we were thinking that perhaps we might need to test out Appy's dark theme. So off we go, checking it out on a dark theme. The results? 

Appy applied on EasyBlog.


The result baffles us. Appy on EasyBlog with the Blue/Dark theme used. How awesome is this? The team worked their magic on the theme so that it blends very well with EasyBlog; you don't have to worry about issues such as unwanted patchy layouts. For EasyBlog, you can get infos on it via EasyBlog's page here

Appy applied on EasyDiscuss.


A simple flick and Appy magically blends in with the light theme of EasyDiscuss. As we can see, the theme fits in perfectly with EasyDiscuss's light theme. There are no missing features and/or inconsistency. While you're bathe in it's beauty, you might want to check out EasyDiscuss here

Appy also features elastic, scrolling header. Your site's visitor no longer have to scroll back up just to click on the links and/or buttons. Appy ensures that the header follows the scroll beautifully and smoothly. Your Joomla!'s social site will give out a professional looks without losing it's awesomeness. Should you use this theme on your Joomla!'s blogging site, your blog will get a better facelift that your visitors will think twice, or thrice, before leaving your site. 

I believe that's enough rambling from me. You can check out more about Appy or purchase it by visiting ThemeXpert's site or you can immediately check out Appy's demo site here.

Get Appy with discount up to 30%!

During the time that I wrote this blog post, I was informed that the ThemeXpert's team are being generous; they are offering a discount up to 30% on Appy. To get more info, kindly visit their blog post here.

As you can get from the tone of this entry, the Stack Ideas's team are very hAPPY with the release of this theme. :)


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