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3 themes from Zootemplate

3 themes from Zootemplate

What's up with the templates nowadays? It seems that there are tonnes of new templates that I can't even make up my mind on which one I should use on my site. Our friends in Zootemplate have released yet again not one, but THREE templates. Check 'em out! 

ZT Divas

We'll start with ZT Divas. Our friends in Zootemplates explains this template as a "super responsive multi-purpose Joomla template". We can't agree more! Though it's been named as ZT Divas, the template itself is far from having a 'diva' aura. In fact, ZT Divas is perfect for your business and professional site. 


Just like modern templates, ZT Divas comes with a slider for you to utilise. The template is based on a wide slider that has up to 16 different homepage templates that scales to any width and looks perfect on mobile devices. Don't feel bad if you have a normal-width site; ZT Divas supports both wide and boxed layout. :) 


Layout can be changed according to your preferences. Here's ZT Divas on a different layout : 



You can change the background, fonts and colours to matches your company's theme. This makes it easier for you to configure your site without having to get your hands dirty on the codes and whatnots. :) 

ZT Divas is very easy to configure plus it's SEO ready. To be more precise, the template is optimized for on-screen SEO and incorporates the best practices for optimizing page load speed. The template also looks great on all of the major browsers; IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Mobile Safari etc. Also worth mentioning, ZT Divas has over 600 fonts to choose from. Six. Hundreds. Fonts. That's a lot if you ask me! Not only that, you can have nearly an unlimited combination of colours. I'll leave the possibilities to your imagination.

ZT Divas fits perfectly with EasyBlog. Check out the screenshots : 



For those who are new, EasyBlog is the best blogging component for Joomla!. Combining EasyBlog's massive features and ZT Divas's will results in your site having hundreds and millions of possible modifications. This template is a must for those who wishes to have a professional-yet-simple feel on their site. 

Interested? Of course you are! Get ZT Divas here

On to the second template! 

ZT Sportslive


Yes, this goes out to al the sports fans out there! With the World Cup season, Zootemplate releases ZT Sportslive, a 'sporty' template for your Joomla! site. Built as fully responsive, ZT Sportslive comes with a clean custom homepage with a large layer slider, amazing Custom HTML modules, Drop-down Mega menu, and beautiful Parallax module. I'm intrigue by the responsiveness of ZT Sportslive. Check it out : 



It looks so awesome that it makes me (a couch potato *cough*) want to go and hit the gym. Based on a Z02 Framework, the template comes with a drag-and-drop builder. You can customize your site without having to go through all those CSS codes. Just like it's sister ZT Divas, ZT Sportslive comes as SEO Ready.

Any developers would know the frustration of building a good and stunning site on Chrome only to see that it breaks in any other browser. ZT Sportslive goes through thorough QC and it supports cross-browser. You don't have to worry about that blasted menu not working on Firefox or that font not showing up on IE. :) 

ZT Sportslive also supports HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstraps. Those who have the skills to code will drool with the possibilities that you can do with this template. With tonnes of shortcodes, this template is for both the amateurs (like me!) and the pros (like you guys!). It is my honor to inform that ZT Sportslive also supports EasyBlog. Check out EasyBlog + ZT Sportslive in action : 



This is EasyBlog's main page. 



This is the EasyBlog's single post. :) 

Well, what are you guys waiting for? Get ZT Sportslive now before it's too late! 

On to the final template : 

ZT Charity

This template was inspired by the random act of kindness done by the kind-hearted people across the globe. Just like it's two other sisters, ZT Charity is fully responsive and comes with clean custom homepage and a large slider style. Not only that, ZT Charity also comes with amazing Custom HTML modules, Drop-down Mega menu, ZT Tabs, ZT News module and a lot more.



ZT Charity was built on a Z02 Framework and has a built-in drag-and-drop layout builder. Not only is the template beautiful, it's also easy to manage and customise without having to go through lines of codes. The template also integrates very well with FontAwesome and thus gives you another option of customizing your fonts. ZT Charity is SEO ready and support cross browsers. The design is much more complicate as oppose to ZT Divas and ZT Sportslive, which you can use to your advantage. You can display multiple information on your site and thus minimizing the click counts. :) 

Apart from that, ZT Charity also supports EasyBlog. Here's EasyBlog and ZT Charity in action : 



The template provides a much more professional feel as compare to it's predecessors and it is a must for those who wishes to have a super-professional looks on their site. 

Words cannot justify the beautiful and marvel of this template. I'd highly suggest for you guys to grab it while it's still hot. You can get ZT Charity here

Well, I'm done talking about these 3 new templates from Zootemplates. Should you guys feel like browsing on their other work, do click on the button below. You can also get EasyBlog, the best blogging component for Joomla, by clicking on the 'Get EasyBlog' button below. 


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