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Meet MetaMan. Simple tool to manage metadata

Managing metadata for each page can be tedious when you have a huge website. MetaMan makes the job easier for you. We mean, almost effortlessly, efficient and hassle-free!

Edit normal page, Facebook OpenGraph, and Twitter Cards seamlessly

Treat your marketeers well with a simple user interface

Are you running hundred of pages on your Joomla website? Managing metadata for each page can be very tedious and time consuming. That's why we built MetaMan!

MetaMan do wonders on your metadata at the speed of light

Unlike any other plugins, MetaMan does not replace any content on the page that is output by Joomla. Replacing codes on a huge HTML structure is heavy!

Have a hawk's eye view of the pages on your site

Stay alert on our handy colors alert in which notifies Marketeer the metadata that requires immediate attention.

Get MetaMan and start saving precious time!

Backed by our 30 days money back guarantee