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A template for financial institution services.
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Version 1.0.1
Compatibility Joomla 3.x, 4.x
Last update 19 July 2022
Framework Astroid
Views 4670

Key Features

Seattle is a professional-looking template for financial services. It works beautifully across different screen sizes and customizable.
Responsive Layout
The template can run beautifully on most modern web browsers. It also runs smoothly across any screen sizes or devices.
Astroid Framework
Customize template layout and look with Astroid Framework, which makes it much faster and enhances its robust functioning, which brings easy customization.
Build and edit pages with EasyBuilder drag and drop interface. So it will be easy for you to edit or create new pages for your website.
Clean & Lightweight
Don’t worry about messing it up, this template is well maintained so that it provides clean and faster access to control the site optimization.
Attractive Contact Form
Seattle comes with eye-catching contact form that helps the user to get connected with you.
Dedicated Support
We're proud on our support team. If you are facing any issue with template, our technical team is there to help you out.
Customize template look and layout with Astroid Framework
Seattle is built on top of Astroid Framework which offers tonnes of configurations for the template look and page settings.
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Build the layout you want with EasyBuilder
Build the page as you envisioned with the built-in EasyBuilder - a powerful Joomla page builder which lets you create and edit the pages easily with the drag and drop interface.

You don't need to have coding skills. So instead of spending too much time to develop a Joomla site, spend your precious time to develop your business.
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Forms and Map Integration
Create forms and integrate map with EasyBuilder elements.
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News and articles page
A well-designed page for Joomla articles and blog components. Customize blog display settings with Astroid Framework.

The simple design is often more difficult due to consumer desire for putting up all the things in the design and still keeping the project layout simple. All this lead to more complexity and more things to consider.
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Portolio with SP Simple Portfolio
Showcase your work with SP Simple Portfolio. You can utilize this section very subtly to present your latest work.
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Testimonial Means Trust
Testimonials are product/service reviews and comments from happy customers of your business and are one of the best ways to build your credibility and to show potential customers that you are trustworthy, reliable and an expert in your field.

With Seattle template you can show testimonial easily in your homepage to increase the credibility of your business. You can add testimonials from the template dashboard with the inbuilt extension just in few clicks.
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Innovative and Responsive Carousel
Smart Slider 3 is equipped with Seattle template. With Smart Slider 3’s powerful canvas mode, you can put your imagination to work by creating impressive sliders with confidence to catch the maximum attention of the user.

Seattle template offers you a wide variety of sliders that can be built and customized to create a smart and engaging content for your site visitors. The main image slider on the homepage looks very catchy and is the best way to grab your visitors attention.
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Sneak peek at how the templates look like...
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Seattle Joomla! Template
Seattle Joomla! Template
Seattle Joomla! Template
Seattle Joomla! Template
Seattle Joomla! Template
Seattle Joomla! Template
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