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Text based Avatars

Text Avatars

The Text avatars are great but is in need of some fine tuning

The code is using the 1st initial of the users first name which is fine
but the code for the users the last name has an issue....
If the user only has a single last name, then your code is fine - but if the user has 2 last names and/or a space between their last names the code is grabbing the 1st initial of the second part with is not correct.

example: 1st name: ZIBA K
last name: BECKER 2810
I need the code to use the ZB - Not Z2
2810 is a unit identifier and not the users last name

The only way I can get the last name initial correct here is to have Becker-2810 with no spaces
Can you change this??
Just have the code pull the 1st initial in the last name field regardless of 2 last names.

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