Hello guys,
So here is the deal, I couldn't wait for EasyBlog 5 any longer for my main project, so I switched to Wordpress. (Don't hate me, I still love Stackideas and Joomla and will keep using them)

My two primary reasons for making the switch were simple.
Reason 1: I needed top quality blogging before EB5 release. I couldn't wait any longer.

Reason 2: jReviews has been released for Wordpress now... and the way jReviews ends up saturating the Joomla backend with modules, categories and articles was annoying, and I was hoping that the way Wordpress handles Widgets (Modules) would lead to a less saturated backend. (I was right, Wordpress has served us better)

Having now made the switch, I can say that I am quite happy with most aspects of Wordpress, particularly how clean I could keep the backend. (With some proper planning and organizing of course)

However, I do have to say... the 1 thing that is missing on Wordpress is a solid feature rich Social Networking plugin such as EasySocial. Currently I am using BuddyPress, which is OK, but it is very primitive and I really miss the sharebox/composer in EasySocial.

So what I am about to request, is probably going to sound outrageous to some. Especially knowing Marks stance on developing for Wordpress, but I do think it is worth considering. So here it goes:

Basically, I was hoping that Stackideas would consider porting EasySocial, the way ClickFWD/ReviewsForJoomla ported jReviews. I know it would be a huge task, one that the team doesn't have time for right now... but Wordpress has evolved so much over the years, it has several times the user base of Joomla... so I do think it would be a worthy investment, especially as there is no real competition. In Wordpress you have BuddyPress which is like competing with Community Builder... there is no JomSocial to compete against.

Having seen the jReviews port has made me hopeful. They have managed to get the codebase to a point where most code is shared on both platforms, the main difference being the way they handle users, articles and categories.

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