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Hello I'm facing a problem (bug) with private tickets on easy discuss:
users who post a new ticket in private do not see their post appear in the category view of the forum see screenshot only screen moderators have access and it is very embarrassing because I offer a paid service to access a private categories so you can post messages privately!

The discussions are visible to the user, but in the "my discussions" section the notification system also allows these users to access their conversations if a moderator answers them, but I ABSOLUTELY need the user to also see these private discussions in the overview of the forum (categories) could you help me urgently I must offer this service very quickly .... I hope it is just a bad adjustment of my settings , but I doubt it enormously since the category forces each post in private, and that the user who post has the rights to post, to see, to answer to the discussions in this category besides one sees that it works, but since the page "my discussions". look at my screenshots to better understand my problem. thank you
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