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This is going to need a little explaining.

I was using an old PayPlans version (prior to 3.6) and PayPal was working fine. Then I upgraded to 3.7.1 and it's no longer working. Invoices are not marked as paid after the payment, the transaction does not seem to be detected. I ignored the problem, and proceeded to upgrade to version 4 after a week, but it's still not working now.

I tried with PayPal sandbox, and the same problem happened. Here are what I see on Audit Logs:

- Under "system" type, i see a bunch of Order Deleted entries.
- Under "subscription" type, a Subscription Created and Subscription Updated entries are created.
- Under "order" type, an Order Created and a bunch of Order Updated entries are created for the same order.
- Under "payment" type, a Payment Created entry was created.

Under Logs > Payment Notification, the transaction was actually recorded.

As far as I can see, there was no error in detecting the transaction, but the invoice status remains "Pending Payment". I have made sure that all PayPal plugins are enabled.

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