UPDATES EasySocial 3.2.24 Released. Storage management, custom field enhancements and more... 🚀 💾


Nice to see improvements / fixes in RC3

For those who read this and do not post, or are not keeping track, there are MULTIPLE nice adjustments that the SI team addressed in RC3 from RC2.

In random order:
- category stats are added to show # of posts
- these stats are also used to solve a problem with a "." showing after the "<- Back" button on the category header, as there now is always the # of Posts in when a user is Public and not logged in
- the Forums layout no longer capitalizes category titles
- Categories, Tags, User and Badges pages are all aligned, so no page "jumps" due to different spacing when switching between them, as you can do across different browser tabs
- when RSS is disabled, it no longer shows on the Tags labels as it did in RC2
- time stamps on Replies in a post history now reflect the actual timing of the Replies that fixed some issue with this from RC2
- some English messages were improved in a few places, so no overrides are needed for the default language when EN
- some tweaks were made to things like the Post Type header to minimize the usage of "Question" and use the more neutral "Post" concept instead.
- something was fixed to correct the default display on ipad / safari, which in RC2 smushed things together in a weird way in the mobile view and now is displaying correct, both in landscape and portrait orientation in MOBILE mode.

and more!

This may seems like small stuff, but they make a difference between an OK product and a POLISHED piece of software.

The take away- the stackideas team LISTENS to feedback and you should provide it if you have good observations and suggestions!

EasyDiscuss if BY FAR the most flexible discussion and forum extension for Joomla and we need to collaborate to optimize any small details to make it CLEARLY the best in the market in all its aspects.

Just sharing my positive feedback for all to see and hope that any additional issues noticed by testers will also make into the next and maybe final RC4, before the new ED5 goes live!


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