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Hi there, downloaded the RC3 package and installed it straight over RC2 without errors or observable issues following continued testing.

As I'm looking at how this is working though, I recommend you SWITCH the locations of the Post Priority and Post Label functions completely.

This means:
- Post Label is part of the selection field when posting a message in place of the Post Priority
- Post Priority is the item in the Post area itself that can be selected by Poster as they see fit.

The reason for this is:
- Post Labels can plan an important role in the information hierarchy of Category - Post Label - Tag, whereas the Priority is NOT a data / topic classification item.
- The Post Label current is an "afterthought" and not enforced when entering a Post in the same way that a Post Priority is, when activated.

Instead of adding more fields to the New Post layout, the MUCH easier improvement for RC4 would be just switch these two fields in the New Post form and the o-body form where the Label selector is now.

This would MUCH better serve the purpose of the overall forum / discussion, instead of the Post Priority, which serves more of a Help Desk concept but not necessarily all Posts.

I plan to use the Post Type field for a Xenforo concept of: Discussion, Question, Suggestion, Issue and would like to use the Post Label for four BROAD categories of topics, which then can be refined in classification with Tags.

In this approach, the current use of the Post Priority is less useful over the function that Post Labels can provide, as described.

I think this suggestion is limited in coding scope (easy for me to say, I know) and yet would add REAL benefit for ED users.

Hope you will consider!


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