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Infinity top header


Is it possible to put menu items, search, activity, messages, friend requests all on same top header like in Pixel or Fluent in Infinity theme?

I am looking at all the different themes and like the overall look of all the modules and main newsfeed items and post for Infinity theme, but want everything on the same line top header and sticky header that follows you through out the page.

Is it possible to assign all of this to top header bar or is this all custom code in different themes?

If not is it possible and easy to at least make second row with search, activity, messages, friend request, and avatar profile STICKY like top header nav with menu items so both rows follow user throughout the site?

It would look a lot more clean to have everything on top header one line/bar like Fluent or Pixel, but I don't like styles of modules and newsfeed items and posts these two themes, Infinity overall looks much better.

What are the main differences between all the themes as far as capability and why do some themes have a nice login landing page and others do not?

Like office has a nice login and register landing page I like that want want to add this to Infinity theme because it looks the best but making the login page and using Joomla login logout redirect plugin will be easy enough to make this page myself, but should be in all EasySocial themes in my opinion to match style for that theme.


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