UPDATES EasyBlog 5.4.8 Released. Bugfixes and more 🐛


EasyDiscuss 5.0.0 Beta 3

EasyDiscuss Feedback Needed


Multilingual as Easyblog 4

several languages same website

Increase number of archive list items per page

EasyBlog don't show Ok my posts

Okay, is there a basic Joomla setup "how to" for EasyBl...

Add a module position to a blog

Facebook dark theme

Image alignment

Remove social sharing per category

Need help with "comments" and main URL

Fatal error on user login

Write New Post does not work.

XLM-RPC.PHP Compatibility with other software.

Component Profile Information

Team blog subscription confirmation - issue with label

Category Display

Error running Update

API Key and Renewal

Cannot embed "slideshare" content

Support is

It is currently a public holiday for us from where we are at.

There may be a delay in our responses but rest assured that we will be back at full speed when everyone is back to the office.

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