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EasySocial 2.1.0 RC 2

Hey Everyone!

It is with our greatest pleasure to introduce EasySocial 2.1.0 RC 2 today! A huge thank you to those who participate in our beta testing. With this release the component has improved drastically, all thanks to your reports and feedback. We have ran quite a number of tests internally and have not seen any major issues but it still doesn't justify that it should be installed on a live site.

In this release however we have introduced some changes with the database column structure and the changes will only take effect when you perform clean installation (including clean database structure) on the site or upgrading from EasySocial 2.0 and below to EasySocial 2.1 RC 2. If by any chance you encounter SQL error in this version, kindly run the SQL query below by replacing `#_` prefix to your database prefix.

To download the installer, you can click on the link below:

Download EasySocial 2.1.0 RC 2

Important Notes

1. Please, do not post in any other category except for the Beta Testing category here.

2. Please provide us with the site access and FTP so that we can troubleshoot and debug the issue as quickly possible.

3. Never install an beta release on a live site.

4. As stated in our terms of usage, your account is not allowed to redistribute the files. Should an installer that is redistributed over the internet from your account, your account on our site will be permanently banned. We will not entertain any excuses about sharing your account with your developer or your computer has been hacked. Be a responsible user.

Happy testing and hope to kill some bugs! Thank you for understanding and hope that we'll keep the ecosystem healthy!
Best regards,

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