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EasyDiscuss Alpha

Downloaded the alpha. Started installation, but it halts at: "Initializing Media Files".

An error has occurred.
1054 Unknown column 'e.auth' in 'field list' SQL=select u.*, e.`id` as `ed_id`, e.`nickname`, e.`avatar`, e.`description`, e.`url`, e.`params` as `ed_params`, e.`alias`, e.`points`, e.`latitude`, e.`longitude`, e.`location`, e.`signature`, e.`edited`, e.`posts_read`, e.`site`, e.`auth`, (select count(1) from `qodqf_discuss_posts` as p1 where p1.`user_id` = u.`id` and p1.`parent_id` = 0 and p1.`published` = 1) as `numPostCreated`, (select count(1) from `qodqf_discuss_posts` as p2 where p2.`user_id` = u.`id` and p2.`parent_id` != 0 and p2.`published` = 1) as `numPostAnswered` from `qodqf_users` as u left join `qodqf_discuss_users` as e ON u.`id` = e.`id` where u.`id` = 182

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