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404 Error Users Can not Edit Drafts

Hello I have a problem on easy articles, I tried to explain it here:

When a user submits an article to the administration, and the administrator rejects the article and indicates the reason for the rejection, the user sees his article rejected in his draft! I am so far so good! it's perfect.

But when the user wants to modify his draft to restart the administration I realize that he can neither see the article (draft) nor edit, because it displays a 404 error (as if the draft did not exist) I did tests and if the administrator opens and saves this draft, the user can see it and edit it, but not very long, because the problem reappears very quickly and the draft becomes unpublished for the user the error 404 this redisplay ...

Another thing on the same subject: if a user writes an article without sending it to the administration (just by saving the draft) it is no longer possible to edit it (error 404) ...

It must be a bug ... could you help me solve this problem, because I can not put together a team work on articles with members because of that.

Thank you for your help !
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