The Complete Social Networking Tool

Are you looking for a complete suite of social networking elements for your site? EasySocial has it all. Now you could try it for just $1 for the next 14 days and decide later!

EasySocial provides you a complete platform to help any growing community to connect, collaborate and achieve any social goals effortlessly.


Social Oriented

Register with Facebook or Twitter to create an EasySocial account. Aside from it's amazing activity stream, users are able to participate, gather and share informative feedback or unbiased opinions from your local community.


Relations Focused

Establish awareness for local businesses by having relevant information and operating hours. Harness reviews from the public to further cultivate your business.


Media Enriching

Be creative and showcase masterpiece photography or share interesting videos. A place to share tips & tricks or funny GIFs just for fun sake. Promotes open discussions among members with similar interest and rediscovering new talents.

Form Builder

Customizable Form Builder

Drag and drop any desired custom fields to suit the different target audiences. As every community has its wants and needs, customizable to suit any interest or hobby clubs.


Participation Driven

Host fundraising events or RSVP private functions for various occasions all year round. Discuss events related matters within event members or organizers whether openly or privately.

Definitely Mobile Ready

All EasySocial goodness works out-of-the-box on your mobile devices too!
Looks as good as a native mobile app!
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ES - Conversations
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Still Not Convinced Yet?

EasySocial $1 trial is good for the next 14 days from the date of your purchase. If you are not happy or dissatisfied with it, just get it touch with us, we will even refund your $1.

Flagship Support

We take pride on our technical support services, we dare you to try us. Our team are readily available to guide you through any possible issues or difficulties with EasySocial.

Installation Services

Unsure on how to install EasySocial on your Joomla site? Get yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and our support guys will handle the rest.

Migration Services

Is your site currently running on another social networking extension? Worry not, our speedy and reliable support guys will be there to assist you every step of the way, to ensure for a smooth transition.