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Conversations App Plans

Flexible pricing to access the native mobile app for Conversations
BiAnnual Plan

First 6-months


Renewals (6-months)


Annual Plan

First 12-months


Renewals (12-months)


Includes access to Saturn Builder, our flagship support & product updates.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will you submit the app for me?
We only provide the compiled version of the app. Submission and engagements with Apple or Google will be your own responsibility.
Will you provide assistance with the build?
We have Saturn, a build manager to handle the builds for your app. You can build the app (IPA or APK) files using Saturn.
What will I be downloading?
You will be downloading the compiled version of the app. Source code will not be provided since you will be using Saturn to manage the builds.
Do I get access to the source codes?
No. In order for us to provide an affordable pricing for everyone, we recommend that you manage and build using Saturn. This will also reduce our costings for support.
Do you offer refunds?
No. This is a service that compiles codes into a native mobile package, we are unable to provide refunds.
What about technical support and app updates?
Priority support and updates will be made available as long as you have an active subscription.
Do you provide customizations or tweaks?
No, we do not provide customizations or tweaks. Saturn has ample configuration screens to help you.
Can I cancel the subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any point of time if you do not wish to create a new build.
Will my app work after pausing the subscription?
Yes, as long as the app was already published on the respective App Stores, it will still function as usual. You just lose access to Saturn and access to our support.
What happens with my expired monthly subscription?
You can choose to re-activate your subscription and pay $199 instead to re-activate your account for the 1st month.
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