We have a brand new website!

We have a brand new website!

Please welcome the revamped version of StackIdeas.com!

It literally took blood, sweat, and tears to get the new site up. However, despite all of the challenges in designing the layout and writing new content for the site, it all have brought us closer in our work relationship.

We know that not all of our users would fancy the new layout, but the ones who love it are more than enough for us to stay motivated. In fact, it is just a matter of time for you to get familiarized with the new site.


See what's NEW:



1. Better Navigation

Numerous visual work has been done in the way users access for information. Also thanks to user feedback, we've simplified the process of getting first product information to exploring deeper about our products and eventually make the final checkout. You have to dive deeper into the site to know what we meant.


2. Enhanced Member Page

We've consolidated all of the necessary details of what the users will need when accessing their accounts. Product licenses, installers, billings and access to support tickets can now be accessed via the newly crafted Dashboard.


3. Easy to Download

Formerly known as the Downloads page, users can now retrieve and download their product installers in the Dashboard. There are also previous versions of product installers archived for convenience and also access to the changelogs. Expired licenses can be renewed on the spot, as well as upgrading licenses.


4. Refined Forum

You've gotta see our new forum! We've added better functionality with design tweaks so that you could access to our resources contributed by our Support Team as well as from other users. We still maintain the restricted access based on the product licenses that user purchased, say, if you have an EasyBlog license, you can only access to forums that are related to EasyBlog.


New Website Promo!

To celebrate our new site, we're delighted to give all of you 15% discount on all StackIdeas' products. Just use the coupon code: NEWSITE15 during the checkout and get instant discount on new products. And oh, you can also RENEW your licenses too with this coupon code. Shop for our Joomla extensions now! Offer valid till Monday, July 22nd, 2013 at 2359 hours (UTC+0).


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Comments (10)

  1. Eric Robinson

well what a nice way to celebrate with us. Thanks for the promo and now im off to poke around the new site.
Funny you launched this today... i did the same thing in my own radio station website this morning lol.

  1. Wyatt Teng    Eric Robinson

You're most welcome ae3d!

I'm glad that you've got your site up too :)

  1. Monthon Kooyathbenjarong

your new design are weird in Safari/iPhone display.
1. When I browse to login button. The input box of username and password are dissappear.
2. I cannot zoom at all.
3. The submit comment button doesn't exist in the blog comments.
Best Regards

  1. Alvin

Congrats guys... Im glad for you... Keep up the good work... the components are simply awesome...

  1. Andrew Rogers    Alvin

Hi Alvin,

Thanks for the support! :D

  1. Richard

The new Dashboard is superb and new forum design is perfect, well done guys!

  1. Andrew Rogers

Thanks Richard! Check out the Dashboard when you first login too~ Tell us what you think of it ;)

  1. pararrayos

Very nice new website, well done, guys!

  1. Andrew Rogers    pararrayos

Thank you!!!

  1. Yassine

Great Website and perfect
Keep going StackIdeas.com !
With all success for you from Joomlarabia Team :D

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