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Valentine Bargains Crafted Just For You

Valentine Bargains Crafted Just For You

Valentine's Day is a little sweeter this year as our friends from ThemeXpert joins us together to present you with a little love gift.

ThemeXpert will be offering 30% discounts on one of their most popular template, Stuart. This template emphasizes simplicity and elegance which compliments very well with all of our extensions

b2ap3_thumbnail_EB1-1.png b2ap3_thumbnail_EB2-1.png 

b2ap3_thumbnail_ES1-1.png b2ap3_thumbnail_ES2-1.png


Just like previous years, we are also offering a whopping 30% discounts for all of our new product purchases, renewals and upgrades! You may use the coupon code below to get your discounts:


Stuart Template Demo   Buy Stuart Template Now!  Get EasySocial  Get EasyBlog


Comments (3)

A very nice Joomla Template - more than just 'for Stackideas' - thank you for offering it - and at discount for now too!
A couple of other comments. - Themexpert could use a bit of help with their 'english' in the menus.. "Animated Counter".. "Progress Bar" and "Dividers" -
Additionally, I would hope that the template would 'also' display support for Discussions, and Komento as well as Blog and Community..

Thank you again for the fine offer.. .Best of luck to Themexpert

Hello Edward,

Are you referring our website menu or Stuart template ?

Hello Parvez,
The Stuart Template > Features menu items (need some English tweeking)
The Stuart Template > Stackideas menu (only community and blog in the menu)
When visiting the blog sample.. no 'Komento' features shown.. and the menu doesn't reflect support for the 'Discussions' forums from Stackideas..

Thank you for the comment.. it's a pretty good looking Template and I'm glad it's being offered..


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