Responsive Joomla Template JA Beranis Supports EasyBlog

Responsive Joomla Template JA Beranis Supports EasyBlog

The good keeps getting better! Joomlart just released a brand new Joomla template JA Beranis that supports EasyBlog!

JA Beranis is fully responsive and it gives your Joomla sites a great advantage if your visitors are viewing your site in their smartphones and tablets. With EasyBlog, which is also responsive, you already have the perfect combo of a blogging website that you could blog on the go.

Here's what JA Beranis looks on the Home page:



Thanks to the T3 framework developed by the Joomlart team, your website layout can easily be configured according to your different visual needs. 


For users who are looking for a RTL (Right-to-Left) Joomla template, JA Beranis works just as great for Hebrew and Arabic languages.


Notice how EasyBlog fits nicely into JA Beranis?


As an added bonus of this template release, JA Beranis comes with 5 complimentary extensions. To get them, you can signup for their membership and get all the extensions and access to dozens of other Joomla templates, too.




We feel deeply honored for Joomlart's choice of using EasyBlog to add value in their future template releases. Just look out for the next Joomla template for August *hint* *hint* :)



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  1. Yassine

Nice template .. i will use it to create some Joomla website !
Thank you for this share !

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