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redCOMPONENT Blogs With EasyBlog

redCOMPONENT Blogs With EasyBlog

Site Of The Week is back! Today’s site is a Danish Joomla extensions developer, redCOMPONENT.



redCOMPONENT creates their own Joomla extensions like redSHOP, jUpgrade, redEVENT and more. The redCOMPONENT Team needed a new blog system to blog about what is happening in the Joomla community, the events they participated and more, and it was EasyBlog that fitted their requirements.

We've spoken to Ole Bang Ottosen, the Community, Release and Translation Manager in redCOMPONENT.com. He was kind enough to accept our interview and this was what he has to say about EasyBlog:

1. Have you used any Joomla extensions before EasyBlog?

At redCOMPONENT, we mostly use the extensions that we developed as we are a large scale extension provider and consultancy business. At times, we have to hand pick extensions that are made by other developers and in this case, we chose EasyBlog from StackIdeas.

2. What was your first impression of EasyBlog?

While testing options for setting up a new blog area of our site, we wanted to use latest Joomla 3.x and we were considering to use the  built-in options of Joomla and adding some plugins for comments and social medias.

Andrew from Stackideas was so kind to let us have a test drive of EasyBlog - and we were seriously impressed by how the all-in-one-package did work. While testing I also took into account the unusual high level of positive reviews and feedback given for EasyBlog in the JED. First impression lasts, and it was clear the best solution for our blog would be EasyBlog.

3. How did EasyBlog helped you better manage your blogs compared to your previous Joomla blog extensions?

Before the launch of our new blog area, we "only" had news items. With EasyBlog we now easily can provide team blogging, and share more of the knowledge that our talented employees have.

EasyBlog seems like a perfect match for this purpose.

4. How did you get to know about our extensions and, why did you choose them for your site?

Stackideas are good at being visible in the joomla community, and also the listings in JED help you find the right extensions for a given task. Also, I know Stackideas from my connections in OpenTranslators, and are aware that they actively seek to improve their software in terms of support in as many languages as possible.

5. If there is one thing you can add or change in our product, what would that be?

I haven’t taken note of anything I would wish worked differently. EasyBlog works well and is easily adjusted to match our site design.

6. What do you think about our support team? Do you mind sharing your experience with us?

If all products from Stackideas work as solid as EasyBlog, then the support team must have a boring day. There has been no need to contact them :)


Here is how EasyBlog fits into redCOMPONENT.com



We would like to thank Ole Bang Ottosen for his time to share his thoughts and views about EasyBlog. Stay tuned with us for more Site Of The Week.



Ole Bang Ottosen

Community, Release & Translation Manager at redCOMPONENT




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