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Problem getting EasyBlog after payment? Here are the solutions.

Problem getting EasyBlog after payment? Here are the solutions.

Lately there has been some technical glitches happened at our merchnat provider Plimus and this had caused many of our registered users having problems in getting the component.We would like to apologize for this error and Plimus is working on solving this problem as I blog.

In normal scenario, any purchases made from our Products page will trigger an email notification that the order is received and confirmed to the user. The user then clicks on the link inside the email leading them to our Downloads page to download the component installer.

We encourage all users to report to us immediately if you are affected. So how do you know you are affected? If you dont receive the email notification AFTER 1 day, send us a report to support @stackideas.com and we will send you the installer.

In the report, please include the following:

  1. Your order reference number
  2. Your full name
  3. Your email address

We will use the above details to verify your order manually and send you the component directly.

We hope to get the system restored very soon. Thank you for your kind patience.



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