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PayPlans 4.0.4 & Templates Update

PayPlans 4.0.4 & Templates Update

​Today, we would like quickly present you a couple of important fixes included in PayPlans 4.0.4 and some updates for Office & Charm template.

PayPlans 4.0.4 introduces an improved page load performance ?. Not to mention, this update also addresses issues related to EasySocial profile types app, Stripe payment method, upgrades, payment method for free plans, statistics, registration and so on. You may refer to our changelog here

Templates Update

Not to forget, the team managed to release some updates for both Office and Charm template last Friday as well. Below are just some of the fixes included in the respective template as follows:​

Office template

  • Removed all overrides for EasySocial except for the login page
  • Styling issue on default login
  • SVG logo support
  • Styling issue for mobile view
  • Issue related to file sharing in user profiles
  • Adjusted the container width to be wider
  • Added a new module position 'Left' for EasySocial page
  • Fixed inconsistency with left and right sidebar area

Charm template

  • Updated template overrides for EasySocial sidebar module
  • Styling issue for menu items in mobile view

How to upgrade? 

PayPlans 4.0.4
If you're upgrading from PayPlans 4.0.3, just hit the single click updater found at the backend and you're good to go. Alternatively, you can head over to your dashboard, download the launcher or full package installer and run the installation as you normally would on Joomla Extension Manager page.

Office & Charm template
All you have to do is re-install the latest template installer found on your
Orders page and run the installation as you normally would do as well. Happy upgrading folks! ?

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