Office Template Live Demo

Office Template Live Demo

We hope everyone had a great start to the new year so far. With the first week of 2018 coming to an end, we are finally able to share with you about Office template. 

Similar to what we had done for Vanilla template previously, Office also runs on Helix 3 framework, giving it amazing flexibility and customizability. The 3-column layout design with 4 presets neutral color tones and minimal distraction effect that promotes efficiency on your intranet sites. 

As you can see from our Office live demo, it has a beautiful off-canvas sidebar on the left which integrates nicely with EasySocial, EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss. So, check out the little demo playground prepared by the team, take a spin on it and decide whether Office can be a good fit for your site. 

Limited Time Only Pre-orders

The pre-orders for Office template also kick starts today for only a one-time payment of $49. The retail price will be revised as soon as Office stable hits the shelves. So, get it quick while it lasts. 

​Do note that this is only for pre-order purchases. We still have couple of things to finalize before we could roll out Office stable, which also means you will not have a physical copy of template just yet after your purchase, so bear with us - we are almost there. :)

​Here are just some screenshots of Office template,

Profile page
Dashboard page
Single sign-on
Registration form
Groups listing

Comments (25)

  1. shuklin


  1. HMED

Sorry i am little bit disapoined !
Looks nice but little bit basic as simple,
want use it on my website sorry :)

  1. Mark    HMED

The template is mainly focused on intranet / enterprise sites as opposed to a public site which shares information and this is why it is called office :p

  1. HMED    Mark


  1. Robert

Happy New Year Mark. As stated in the previous post, I would like to switch my Vanilla Template for this one. Please let me know if that is still possible.


  1. Mark    Robert

Happy New Year Robert! Could you please submit a new request on the helpdesk at and we'll look into this?

  1. Robert    Mark

Thanks Mark

  1. Syabab

login details for demo?

  1. Mark    Syabab

Register a new account :)

  1. GILL

Thanks entire team for Hard work to made this template :) i have been waiting for this template for long time, Purchase Done :)

  Comment was last edited about 1 year ago by GILL GILL
  1. Mark    GILL

Thank you for your support Gurpreet :)

  1. Supporter

This is the perfect example of a blog post with 10 images and no image browsing capability... Exactly what EB is missing...
You have to each time open and close the thumbnail, not user/reader friendly at all ;)
Hope to see an improvement for images/thumbnails navigation/readability in the next EB release !

  1. Mark    Supporter

Hm, this is primarily because we are not using the thumbnails block. If you are using the thumbnails, it would allow navigation between each images.

  1. Supporter    Mark

One can call them thumbnails, vignettes or small images - not matter their name.
In the end it is not user friendly. Most blog platforms or components offer the readers a better experience when browsing images in the posts.

  1. Nay Lin

Is there single login page like previous blog post? Want to customize some picture and text background on single login page.

  1. Jean    Nay Lin

This would be absolutely nice :)

  1. Marc Bills    Nay Lin

This would be the deal-breaker for me too.
A proper landing page is essential if this will be used outside the narrow "intranet" type model

  1. Mark    Nay Lin

It is configurable on the template settings :)

  1. Jordan Weinstein

Has this been optimized for mobile yet? The sidebars remain side by side when I tried. See attachement

  1. Mark    Jordan Weinstein

Yep, it is optimized for mobile and the reason that your screen shot looks distorted is because you resized the browser on your desktop. Nobody really browses at that size when using a desktop :p

If you go into proper mobile simulation mode on the browser, it will render properly

  1. Syabab

'Insert' button doesn't seems to work...see my attached file.

  1. Mark    Syabab

Thanks for reporting this Syabab. Is it possible for you to post them at so that we can get our designers to look into this.

  1. Philippe

The mobile view is excellent! It is very successful.
Looks like it's the Mobile Web Template.

  1. Supporter

There is (once again...) no tablet vertical view.
I am an old customer of your early second birthday,
I still believe you are great coders and have one of the world's best support.
But these last months I have more - little - disappointments like this one that ads to the other ones, little by little I am feeling more and more disappointed.

  1. Matt Stephens

I really want to use this template for the Intranet site I'm building, how long until the stable version is out - or at least a beta version that I can start building with? I don't want to preorder without knowing a tentative release date.

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