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Meet StackIdeas Toolbar

Meet StackIdeas Toolbar

It is with great pleasure to announce the availability of StackIdeas Toolbar; Our first baby step in unifying our look and feel across all of our extensions. Read on to learn more.

Unified Notifications Centre

With StackIdeas Toolbar, we are unifying and centralizing the look-and-feel of the toolbar across all of our extensions. A small step for a greater unification in the future.

Along with the unification of the design and scripts, the css and javascript codes used within our extensions will be removed moving forward and this will also greatly improve the performance of the site.

Compose Anywhere

Compose Anywhere

Applying the same unifying concept, we have also centralized the compose actions throughout all extensions under one single compose dropdown providing a better user experience for your users.

Adaptive Menus

The toolbar can also be configured to be adaptive too. It can be configured to render different toolbar types depending on which extension pages they are currently on and it can be used in various combinations.

Apart from the built-in menus from our extensions, you can also configure the toolbar to render menus from Joomla too!


With the new toolbar, you can now also set the appearance to be dark mode if your site runs on a dark template and it is also pre-configured with 5 different color schemes.

Improved Navigation

Updated Dropdown

The dropdown from the toolbar has been greatly improvised for a better user experience by grouping up actions to give users a clearer view of where they can access their items.

Foundry Framework

Foundry Framework

The introduction of this toolbar will also incorporate Foundry framework. The re-introduction of the Foundry framework was needed as we need a way to centralize our codes without rewriting them a million times. It is a combination of php, css and javascript libraries. These libraries will be our first step in unifying the design across all our extensions.

When the toolbar module is installed, Foundry framework will also be installed as a library and as a system plugin. Most of our extensions will start to rely on Foundry framework moving forward and we'll be sharing more details about this new awesome framework soon.

Known Issues

As EasyBlog 5.x is still currently serving FontAwesome 4.x, there would be some conflicts with the icons. A temporary solution is to apply the patch below or you could wait for EasyBlog 6.0 which is just around the corner.

Joomla! Compatibility

This toolbar works across all Joomla 3.x series including Joomla 3.10 and Joomla 4.0 as well.

Download Today!

With the introduction of this new toolbar, we will start to phase out the stock toolbars from our extensions starting with EasyBlog 6.0.

For those who wish to download and try it now, you can head over to our App Store to download it now. It's completely free as long as you have a valid subscription with us.

Last but not least, share your thoughts or feedbacks with us down at the comments section below! We love to hear what you think about the new toolbar.

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