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Komento Free Version Will Be Retired

Komento Free Version Will Be Retired

It is unfortunate that I have to announce this but starting from today, Komento will no longer be provided for Free. There are a couple of reasons behind this move but we have no choice but to end the support for the free version of Komento.

Here's why we have decided to retire the free version:

Expectations from free users

We tried to manage the expectations from users who downloaded Komento for free for the past 6 months but it didn't turn out well. We have been constantly abused by words from users who downloaded the free version and demanded that we help them to fix their site. They also threatened to post a bad review on the JED for not assisting them.


Unfair for other paying users

Because of these users who took heavy advantage of our awesome support, this caused more backlogs to Komento tickets and it is unfair to users with an active subscription.


It's becoming costly

All 3rd party extensions which are compatible with Komento are also constantly being updated hence it will be rather expensive for us to bear all cost for Komento development :( Therefore it will be of tremendous help for Komento users to contribute into our project, so we can continue exploring the possibilities to further improve with each release. 


Let's welcome Komento 3.0

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you guys that works are already underway for Komento 3.0 into making it much more robust with extremely beautiful and modern UI with performance optimization. You could post your suggestions or feedback on our Feature request page on what should be improved on 3.0


Thank you for understanding and I would like to take this opportunity to Thank users who have been actively supporting the project. Komento 3.0 will be the best release ever :)

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