J2Store Integration with Komento and EasyBlog

J2Store Integration with Komento and EasyBlog

We would like to introduce to you an amazing shopping cart extension for your Joomla e-Commerce site, J2Store. 

J2Store has everything you ever needed to setup an E-commerce Joomla site, it has the essentials to complete the online shopping experience for your users.

What's even better, our products are also integrated with J2Store too. Komento is used to write products review and you can also use short codes to render products on EasyBlog.

J2Store features includes:

  • Catalog
  • Storefront
  • Inventory
  • Discounts and marketing tools
  • Store management
  • One page checkout
  • Shipping methods
  • Payment methods
  • Support

 J2Store Live Demo and  Komento Plugin


Whopping Discounts Just For You

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This offer ends August 9, 2016.


Comments (7)

  1. HMED

Thanks Sylvie, is this extension compatible with ES (with apps) ?

  1. Sylvie    HMED

Hey Jan,

Unfortunately, J2Store is not integrated with EasySocial. I am sorry. :(

  1. moley

Could you please post the specific product page URL where the reviews are in work. I browse the entire demo site but could not find any product page where i see reviews of product :(

  1. Sylvie    moley
  1. Michael

Oho nice feature of J2 , I like it . Thanks for sharing these valuable J2 features with us . It will make my work more easier .

  1. renejdm

J2Store is a great product. I too would like to see integration with EasySocial.

  1. Sylvie    renejdm

Thanks Renejdm! Would you mind posting your suggestion here http://stackideas.com/voices if you have not done so :)

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