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I Blog With Joomla: PayPlans Deals

I Blog With Joomla: PayPlans Deals

We recently concluded the collaboration with CoolHandle web hosting in a special promo that lasted for 2 weeks where they offered specially tuned Joomla web servers that are optimized for running EasyBlog smoothly. At a very cool price of $10.95/monthly, CoolHandle gave our users unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth! If you have missed out on the offer, CoolHandle is still up for any of you who want it.

Proceeding on, the I Blog With Joomla campaign continues with another featured partner, PayPlans. PayPlans is a powerful membership and subscription extension for Joomla. If you have lots of users and members in your site and you provide online consultancy services, PayPlans can help you monetize your site and it handles all the subscriptions for you.

PayPlans are available in 3 packages, with prices as follows:

  • Professional $299 $149.50 at 50%-off 
  • Premium $149 $89.40 at 40%-off
  • Standard $99 $69.30 at 30%-off 

This offer is for the first 100 users only after which a 20% discount is allowed. This offer expires on August 3rd, 2011.

To redeem this great offer from PayPlans, use this coupon code: STACKPLANS at PayPlans.com

Of course, don't forget that you are also getting another 20% discount for EasyBlog Professional. Use this coupon code : IBWJ20 at our Buy Now page.

We are also giving away 3 months extra on top of your 12 months subscription of EasyBlog Professional support. To get this bonus, just add in our cute campaign badge into your website/blog, either on the left or right module for at least a month. Show us your website/blog and we immediately extend your subscription to another 3 months!

In summary, you are getting 3 super deals:

  1. EasyBlog Pro 12-months subscription at 20% discount. Use coupon code: IBWJ20
  2. PayPlans up 12-months subscription up to 50% discount. Use coupon code: STACKPLANS
  3. Additional 3-months subscription of EasyBlog Pro


If you have any inquiries, send it to sales@ stackideas.com

Happy blogging!!



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