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Home of All Deals in Joomla - DealsInJoomla.com

Home of All Deals in Joomla - DealsInJoomla.com

As Joomla users, we all love a little extra when we part with our money. That little extra could be in monetary terms or getting more value at a minimum price. Either one, we all adore promotions and special deals because it makes us happy and perhaps, motivated to carry on doing the things we passionate about.

In the world of Joomla, you will get special deals from specific Joomla developers here and there. I must admit, we at StackIdeas are one of them giving away special promotions when we feel like it, be it direct from us or with a partner. A partner of ours TechJoomla has recently came up with a brilliant way for Joomla users to be smarter shoppers.

DealsInJoomla.com is a one stop solution for the lowest & coolest deals from Joomla extension developers. DealsInJoomla has tied up with the biggest Joomla extension developers (us included!) to give you the ultimate Deal in Joomla ever where most, if not all, Joomla extensions will be offered at very attractive prices. You might even find a special deal on our Joomla blog component EasyBlog in there, too!

This is one effort by TechJoomla to create awareness of this Joomla content management system. Because Joomla extensions can be obtained at minimum prices, there is almost no barriers of entry for more potential Joomla users to start using this CMS to build and maintaing websites.

DealsInJoomla will be launched very soon. They are inviting all of you to signup today on the prelaunch site to get access to this Mega Deal when it launches! Click on http://dealsinjoomla.com to signup.

Speaking of special deals, we already have one for you.


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