Happy Independence Day (4th of July)

Happy Independence Day (4th of July)

To our American friends, Happy early 4th of July!

In 2016, 4th of July marks the 240th year United Stated of America declared independence. While our American friends celebrates Independence Day this coming Monday, and we thought of sharing the same joyous spirit in light of this amazing day. 

Having said that, do check out our pre-celebration offer; instead of offering the usual coupon code, we are offering you something slightly different which is extending additional 3-months on top of the subscription period across all single purchases. 

For a limited time only

Enjoy additional 3 months to your subscription when you purchase or renew your
EasyDiscuss, EasyBlog, Komento and EasySocial plans.

 Renew Now or  Helpdesk

#P/S: This requires manual activation. Kindly post a ticket to our helpdesk so we can get it sorted for you.
This offer valid till July 4th, 2016 and it is not applicable for product bundles. 


Comments (11)

  1. Akashlal

Nice news :D
PS> The Renew Now button leads to your CRM :)

  1. Sylvie    Akashlal

Hey Akashlal,

My bad, i have already changed the links on the buttons. Thanks for pointing it out. ;)

  1. Akashlal    Sylvie



I just renewed 3 days ago... Is there a way I can get this promotion applied?


  1. Mark    Juan Wayri Ccahuana Giraud

Hello Juan,

Can you write to us at https://crm.stackideas.com and I will see if we can extend it for you :)

  1. tom coll

Stackideas Really, Really needs help with the sales/promotions department. Hardly any sales, when when you do is always a lame discount or a lame promotion. .......

  1. Mark    tom coll

Thank you for your input on this Tom, we'll definitely keep an eye on this :)

  1. tom coll

Thanks Mark.
I know your products are good so you demand a premium price for them, but the name of your game is yearly memberships, not one time sales. So is it better to have 100% of nothing or 60% - 70% percent of your asking price every year?

Costumer acquisition and product adoption happens faster with great discounts and sales.

  1. Mark    tom coll

It is actually one time only as the renewals are completely optional :) It is good for a year and if choose to not renew, it still works.

  1. Juan Wayri Ccahuana Giraud    tom coll

This is a good discount for EasySocial. Considering the usual membership lasts 6 months, 3 extra months is 50% more than usual.
The support they give is the best I have received. I know my money helps them offer us great products and services, so I'm really happy to have renewed my membership and encourage you all to do it too =)

  1. Sylvie    Juan Wayri Ccahuana Giraud

Hey Juan, we are so glad that you're enjoying the discounts and our services too. ;)

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